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French Building Land Prices in 2008

Tuesday 15 September 2009

The price of building land in France averaged €54m² in 2008, although there were substantial regional and more local variations.

The figures come from an annual study of building land prices carried out each year by the statistical service of the French Government.

They show that on average prices increased by 6% over 2007, after twelve successive years of double digit growth.

As the average surface area of the plots reduced from 1284m² in 2007 to 1240m² in 2008 this kept down the price increase for each plot to 2.9% (8.9% in 2007).

The cheapest building plots could be found in the Limousin, where they sold for an average of €14m², the same price as in 2007.

The most expensive area was the Ile de France, where prices per plot averaged €190m², slightly down on the figure for 2007.

Average Prices for Building Land - 2008

RegionPrice per m²Plot SizePlot Price
Languedoc Roussillon11483694,897
Midi Pyrénées35175660,619
Nord Pas de Calais60110665,793
Pays de la Loire5796255,279
Poitou Charentes33127242,286
Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur1121319147,283
Rhône Alpes86116099,462

The above figures should only be used as a guide, as they do mask large variations in prices as between urban and rural locations. Thus, the average price for a building plot in Paris was €320m², whilst in rural areas it averaged €28m² across the country.

As might be expected, the size of the plots was also greater in the countryside than in the towns, with the former having an average plot size of 1556m², while in urban locations with a population greater than 100,000 it averaged less than 1000m².

The study also examined actual building costs and found that the average cost across the country was €1047m². As the average external surface area of the properties was 134m² this gave an average build cost of €140,000.

Lowest building costs could be found in Centre at €942m², while highest costs were in the Ile de France at €1172m² (excluding Corsica, which was slightly higher).

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