Building a New House in France

Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Building a New Home in France.

In this guide we consider the selection of a building plot in France, as well as the appointment of a French architect and a French builder.

We also review in detail the different types of French building contract, notably the CCMI.

Finally, we consider the operation of French building guarantees and the whole handover procedure for your new home in France.

  1. Introduction
  2. Building Plots
  3. Getting Free Advice
  4. Appointing an Architect
  5. Selection of a Builder
  6. Building Estimate
  7. Types of Building Contract
  8. Terms of House Building Contract
  9. Planning Notices
  10. Financial Guarantees
  11. Building Guarantee
  12. Handover of Property
  13. Dispute Procedures
  14. Local Property Taxes
  15. Household Insurance

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