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What is an Average Electricity Charge?

Tuesday 01 May 2012

When a high electricity bill dropped through his letter box, it prompted Philip Voice to question the cost of electricity in France.

We've just received our yearly electricity bill (we pay by direct debit) which shows our consumption as 11832KWH for the last year. Based on this EDF have scheduled our payments as €165.00 per months for the next ten months.

It's a lot higher than we paid in the UK and as we have oil central heating and a gas hob, we are not really using a great deal of electrical equipment.

We are a family of four with electric oven but gas hob. We have a television on in the evenings plus a few lamps. During the day my wife and I run our laptops (mine is normally on 24 hrs but in standby overnight).

We do have a gite with an electric water heater and a towel rail. We let the gite for about 6 weeks last summer but we also let it out for five weeks at the start of this year; just as the snow arrived and the temperature dropped to -19C.

In your experience does this sound right?

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