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French News

Car Registration Chaos in France

With major problems arising in the government on-line vehicle registration system owners are turning to private companies to register their car, but care is needed.

Money in France Thursday 06 September 2018

Bordeaux Outpaces the Market

A recent study by the Notaries de France traced the evolution in residential property prices between 1997 and 2016 in 17 provincial metropolitan areas.

French Property Market Thursday 06 September 2018

Launch of New Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first phase of our new website, designed to work across all platforms, and with improved navigation and functionality.

Site News Thursday 06 September 2018

French School and University Grants for 2018/19

Details of the school and university student grants for 2018/19 have recently been published by the government.

Money in France Thursday 06 September 2018

Wine Festivals in France Autumn 2018

With the grape harvest now having started in France, here are a selection of some of the wine festivals taking place this autumn.

Travel in France Thursday 06 September 2018

Business Professions in France

Business professions in France each have a distinct legal and fiscal status, but the classification is not always self-evident.

Business in France Thursday 06 September 2018

The End of Fixed Telephone Line in France

Orange Telecom have announced the prospective end of fixed telephone lines as they move towards a completely digital network.

Money in France Thursday 06 September 2018

Debit Card ‘Cashback’ in France

The government have granted retailers the right to offer debit card cashback to their customers, although whether either shops or shoppers want it remains to be seen.

Money in France Thursday 06 September 2018

Private Vendor Property Picks - September 2018

A selection of properties for sale throughout France currently being advertised by private vendors on our website.

Property Picks Thursday 06 September 2018

Sterling/Euro Exchange Rate Review Aug 2018

During August, the pound to euro exchange rate fluctuated between interbank highs of 1.1257 and lows of 1.0994 amid interest rate hikes and Brexit developments, writes...

Money in France Thursday 06 September 2018

French School Calendar 2018/19

'La rentrée scolaire' has started in France, with the return of a holiday for ascension, which was not granted last year.

French Life Thursday 06 September 2018

Inheritance Planning in France

There may well be no inheritance tax in France between married couples, but it still makes sense to undertake some inheritance planning.

French Taxation Thursday 06 September 2018

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