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French News

Brexit and Long-Term Residents in France

Despite Brexit the right of residence and of health care for most expatriates in France will not be at the whim of the withdrawal negotiations.

Property in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

Non-Europeans and Social Charges

The French Constitutional Court has ruled that non-Europeans are obliged to pay social charges on investment income.

French Taxation Tuesday 04 April 2017

Is a French Marriage Contract Worthwhile?

In order to get around French inheritance laws many international buyers adopt a French marriage contract, but it is not always necessary or possible to do so.

Property in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

Survey Guarantees on Diagnostics Immobilier

Buyers have a legal right to compensation for errors occurring as part of the 'diagnostics immobilier', but on what basis?

Property in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

Sterling Registers Quarterly Gains

The pound was inspired by a mixture of politics and economic data in March and markets finally witnessed the triggering of Article 50 - an event that failed to cause t...

Money in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

Micro-Entrepreneur Sales Accounting

Micro-entrepreneurs pay social security charges on their annual sales, but on invoiced sales or actual cash received?

Business in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

Farm Tenancy Despite No Rental Payment

A recent ruling in the French courts has once again demonstrated the risks associated of allowing a local farmer even informal use of your land.

Property in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

Lifetime Mortgages in France

A leading French bank has launched a new fixed interest lifetime mortgage offer, lowering the eligible age limit to 60 years.

Property in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

The Cost of a Vehicle Registration in France

What is the charge for a vehicle registration certificate in France?

Money in France Tuesday 04 April 2017

French Social Charges and UK Taxation

What is the relationship between social charges on non-resident French income and capital gains and domestic tax liability?

French Taxation Tuesday 04 April 2017

Local Rates Exemption on Energy Conservation Works

An exemption from the tax fonciere is available for up to 5 years on completion of home energy conservation works.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 April 2017

French Village Seminar Programme London Olympia...

The seminar programme for the French Village, A Place in the Sun Live, London Olympia, May 2017.

Site News Thursday 30 March 2017

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