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School Insurance in France

Do You Need School Insurance in France? *

The promotion and sale of school pupil insurance (assurance scolaire) is something of an industry in France.

A fanfare is made about it at the start of each school year. Some schools even insist on presentation of an insurance certificate as a condition of admission to the school.

However, activities that are formally part of school education in France are covered through the school; only for extra-curricular activities can a school insist that your child has cover.

Just what is 'obligatory' and just what is 'optional' is difficult to disentangle.

Some schools organise a collective insurance policy for all pupils for such activities.

Taking out a policy is not expensive - €10 to €50 a year - so there is need to be too concerned about the cost.

There are different types of policies.


School insurance policies called '24/24' are particularly useful, as they provide a comprehensive guarantee, both in and outside of school. 

Such policies are widely available on-line, although in the first instance try your existing French insurer. 

The local parents association or someone on the school council will also be able to advise you of a suitable insurer. 

A couple of the largest school insurers are MAE and MMA who work in collaboration with the parents associations.

In addition, there are low-cost offers from some of the supermarket chains - CD Discount, Casino or Carrefour.

Assurance Multi-Risques Habitation

Many of the risks covered by such policies are likely to already be covered by your own house insurance policy.

Thus, if you hold an assurance multirisques habitation you and members of your household will systematically be covered for third party liability insurance, which covers any damage you may cause to others (although with limitations and excluding car insurance).

If this is the case you may merely need to obtain an attestation to this effect from your insurer and present it to the school.

In addition to the allowing your child to participate in extra-curricular activities (trips,visits), you may also consider that some additional cover over and above the third party insurance through your contract is necessary.

These contracts will offer medical cover to your child above the reimbursement of the costs from the health system, including invalidity cover. However, if you hold a good complementary health insurance policy your child may already be covered for these risks.

*Updated Sept 2019

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This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 08/09/2017, 10/09/2019

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