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Newsletter Issue 165: 02/09/2015

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you, as your experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

David Yeates

French Income Tax Payable in 2015

What income tax might a married couple living in France expect to pay this year?

French Taxation 02/09/2015

Rural House Prices in France 2007-2014

A recent review of the rural property market in France provides a snapshot of the movement in average house prices in each department since 2007.

French Property Market 02/09/2015

French Village at Birmingham NEC 2015

We shall be hosting our popular ‘French Village’ at A Place in the Sun Live exhibition at Birmingham 25th to 27th September.

Site News 04/08/2015

Subsidence and Home Insurance in France

The hot and dry summer in France has been rather unsettling for some home owners, faced with cracks appearing in internal and external walls.

Money in France 02/09/2015

French Social Charges in 2015

As usual at this time of year our mailbox contains a large number of e-mails from you concerning the social charges, with many of you considering you are being overcha...

French Taxation 02/09/2015

Healthcare in France and the 'Parcours de Soins'

The parcours de soins is used to rationalise patient health care costs in France, but just how does it operate?

Health in France 02/09/2015

Furnished Lettings and VAT

A recent court case in France has thrown an interesting light on the eligibility of landlords of furnished lettings to VAT registration.

Business in France 02/09/2015

French School Calendar 2015/16

La rentrée scolaire started in France this week, with holiday dates for the winter and spring terms varying by geographic zone.

French Life 02/09/2015

False Promise of French Markets?

There are many good reasons for shopping at a local French market, but lower prices and local produce cannot always be one of them.

Money in France 02/09/2015

Sterling/Euro Currency Review August 2015

August proved to be an extremely disappointing month for euro buyers as the single currency once more demonstrated its remarkable resilience, says Ben Scott.

Money in France 02/09/2015

Sale Contracts Cooling-Off Period

The cooling-off period on the purchase of property in France has been increased from 7 to 10 days, although in practice it is already frequently longer.

Property in France 02/09/2015

Building Works in Co-ownership Properties

How does the organisation and financing of maintenance and improvement works operate in co-ownership properties in France?

Property in France 02/09/2015

Education Grants in France 2015/16

Details of the school and university grants in France for 2015/16 have recently been published by the French government.

Money in France 02/09/2015

Buyer Loses Deposit Over Mortgage Refusal

A buyer who did not seek a mortgage in the form set out in the sale and purchase contract has lost their deposit when the mortgage was refused.

Property in France 02/09/2015

Private Vendors Property Picks - September 2015

A selection of properties for sale, currently advertised privately on French-Property.com. 

Property Picks 02/09/2015

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