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Newsletter Issue 220 : 03 April 2020

Welcome to the April 2020 issue of the Newsletter.

This month there is inevitably a departure from our usual dispatches, to reflect the twin public health and economic crisis we are all facing.

In the coming months, however, the pandemic will recede, and we will need to begin the process of rebuilding our lives.

In order to anticipate that future, during the crisis we will maintain a connection with our registered users and the millions of others who read our content each year.

We shall be reshaping our coverage of France, but as there is already a profusion of news and information about the pandemic, we will be selective in approach; the risk of corona fatigue is not restricted to physical confinement.

We will provide articles with useful, relevant advice and information on the crisis, but we will continue to remain a point of reference on the practical aspects of French property ownership and living in France.

Restez chez vous.

David Yeates

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Friday 03 April 2020

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