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Newsletter Issue 124: 03/07/2012

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find general news on France, as well as information and advice about buying property and living in France.

Do let us know what you think about the Newsletter.

We particularly welcome your queries and stories, which frequently form the basis for our articles.

David Yeates

EU Eases Cross-Border Successions

New rules will make cross-border successions easier, but they will not alter your liability to French inheritance tax.

French Taxation 03/07/2012

The French Village Birmingham NEC 2012

We shall be hosting our popular ‘French Village’ at A Place in the Sun Live exhibition at Birmingham NEC, 28th - 30th September.

Site News 03/07/2012

Best Beaches in France 2012

We have made a selection of the best beaches in France for the discerning holidaymaker.

Travel in France 03/07/2012

Cowboy Builders or Cowboy Clients?

We all know about ‘cowboy builders’ in France, but are the victims of these incidents sometimes the unwitting accessories of their own misfortune?

Building & Renovation 03/07/2012

Property Picks July 2012

We have selected a number of great value properties in Western France currently being advertised for sale on French-Property.com.

Property in France 03/07/2012

What Future for Auto-Entrepreneurs ?

The new French government has signalled that they intend to review the auto-entrepreneur business status.

Business in France 03/07/2012

School Grants to Rise by 25%

School grants in France have been increased by a thumping 25% from September.

Money in France 03/07/2012

Turning the Tide on Atlantic Coastal Erosion

A new study shows that parts of the low lying Atlantic coastline of France are slowly but surely being engulfed by the sea.

French Life 03/07/2012

Use and Abuse of Direct Debits

The use of direct debits to pay regular bills in France presents both conveniences and certain disadvantages.

Money in France 03/07/2012

Sterling/Euro Currency Review Q2 2012

Sterling continued trading in a positive, yet tight, range against the euro throughout Q2 2012, writes Ben Scott.

Money in France 03/07/2012

Best Website for Learning French?

A reader on a partner website poses a question that may interest many of you - what is the best website for learning French?

French Life 03/07/2012

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