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Newsletter Issue 151: 05/08/2014


We are delighted to report that the number of subscribers to our Newsletter is now over 30,000, an increase of nearly 20% in less than a year.

These readers are in addition to the tens of thousands of you who find us each week direct from the web. Each year we receive around 500,000 hits on our news pages and 2 million across all of our information pages.

The web allows you to join us wherever you may be in the world, but for three years in a row the Anglophone community in France has been the largest growing section of our readership, now accounting for around 45% of our subscribers.

We welcome you all, as we intend to continue to develop a broadly based Anglophone readership, from both within and outside of the borders of France, by offering a product that caters for both audiences.

Bonnes vacances,

David Yeates

Private Health Insurance in France

With early retirees barred automatic entry to the State health system, many are obliged to take out private health insurance, but for some it is not all bad news.

Health in France 05/08/2014

House Prices Stable in Q1 2014

The French notaires have recently published their figures on the movement of house prices in Q1 2014 for each department of France.

French Property Market 05/08/2014

Advertise at A Place in the Sun Live, Birmingha...

Advertise your property for sale in our French Village at A Place in the Sun Live, NEC Birmingham.

Site News 05/08/2014

Notaires Monopoly Under Review

The notaires conveyancing monopoly, and the fees that they charge, is coming under increasing scrutiny by the French government.

Property in France 05/08/2014

Changing Face of La Poste

With the growth in private parcel delivery services and electronic means of transmission, the French post office is having to modernise to survive.

Money in France 05/08/2014

French Winegrowers Blown Over by Storms

Winegrowers from the Pyrénées to Alsace have been hit by storm damage again this year, but only a minority have adequate protection against financial los...

French Life 05/08/2014

Favourite Village of the French 2014

The hilltop village of Cordes-sur-Ciel, in the department of Tarn, Midi-Pyrénées, has been chosen by the French as their favourite village for 2014.

Property in France 05/08/2014

Sterling/Euro Currency Review July 2014

July saw Sterling add to gains made against the euro throughout June, pushing towards two-year highs, says Ben Scott.

Money in France 05/08/2014

Running Multiple Businesses in France

What is the legal and fiscal base for simultaneously running more than one business in France?

Business in France 05/08/2014

MyFerryLink Appeals Cross-Channel Ban

MyFerryLink has appealed against the decision of the UK monopolies regulator to cease its operations by the end of the year, but faces an uphill task.

Travel in France 05/08/2014

Builder Responsible for Tax Credit Estimate

A builder who provided incorrect advice on the level of the tax credit for solar panel installation has been obliged to compensate their client.

Building & Renovation 05/08/2014

French School Calendar Reforms for 2014

France has finally embraced the five day school week for nursery and primary school children. Well, almost.

French Life 05/08/2014

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