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Newsletter Issue 141: 05/11/2013

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find general news on France, as well as information and advice about buying property and living in France.

Do let us know what you think about the Newsletter.

We particularly welcome your queries and stories, which frequently form the basis for our articles.

David Yeates

25,000 Registered Readers Can't be Wrong!

This month we celebrate the 7th anniversary of our Newsletter, with now over 25,000 registered readers.

Site News 05/11/2013

The French House Price Muddle

House prices in France appear to be resisting any major fall, but precise and reliable information continues to remain scarce.

French Property Market 05/11/2013

European Court to Sit on Social Charges

France’s highest administrative court has requested a European court ruling on the liability of certain foreign income of residents to social charges.

French Taxation 05/11/2013

Choose Your Accountant With Care

Access into the accountancy profession in France is strictly controlled, but that does not stop many individuals practicing it illegally.

Money in France 05/11/2013

Chateaux For Sale in France

We have made a great selection of chateaux for sale in France currently advertised on French-Property.com

Property Picks 05/11/2013

Is 'Top-Up' Health Insurance Necessary? Part 1

Do you need to take out voluntary 'top-up' health insurance in France, and if so, what do you need, and how do you go about getting it?

Health in France 05/11/2013

The Sunshine Departments of France

The departments on the Cote d'Azur will always outshine other areas of France, but some other departments are not far behind.

French Life 05/11/2013

Sickness Benefit for Business Owners in France

Business owners in France have an entitlement to sickness benefit, but it is neither generous nor universal.

Business in France 05/11/2013

Sterling/Euro Currency Review October 2013

October saw Sterling reverse gains made against the euro in recent months, edging lower throughout the month, says Ben Scott.

Money in France 05/11/2013

South West France A65 Autoroute in Difficulty

An ambitious new autoroute between Bordeaux and Pau in South West France has hit severe financial difficulties.

Travel in France 05/11/2013

Creating a Building Plot on Your Property

How to go about dividing up land on your property and obtaining planning permission to create a building plot.

Building & Renovation 05/11/2013

University Student Grants and Loans in France

The system of student financial support in France is not entirely ungenerous and tuition fees are generally very low.

Money in France 05/11/2013

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