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Newsletter Issue 181: 06/01/2017

Welcome to the first 2017 edition of the French Property Newsletter.

A happy New Year to you!

Thank you to those of you who replied to our recent Newsletter survey. It has been most helpful. If you have yet to reply, or you did not receive the e-mail, I would be most interested to hear from you at 'editor@french-property.com'.

To ensure you receive the Newsletter it is important you add 'newsletter@french-property.com' to your Safe Senders list of e-mail addresses. You can do this from your Junk E-Mail options box.

David Yeates

Top Newsletter Articles 2016

The most popular articles published in our monthly Newsletter in 2016.

Site News 06/01/2017

Ten Charming French Ski Resorts

A selection of smaller unspoilt ski resorts in the Alps that may not have their mileage, but which retain their authenticity and affordability.

Travel in France 06/01/2017

Social Charges on Non-Europeans

The French Constitutional Council is to rule on the legality of social charges imposed on the investment income, property income and capital gains of non-Europeans.

French Taxation 06/01/2017

PUMA Health Insurance Charge 2016/17

The basis on which economically inactive individuals are assessed for their health insurance charge has changed.

Health in France 06/01/2017

Subsidies to French Newspapers

The press in France receives over €1 billion a year in State subsidies, a level of support that has no equivalence in any other democracy on the planet.

French Life 06/01/2017

Taxation of a Planning Consent in France

Although no fee is payable on submission of a planning application, a tax is levied if planning permission is granted.

Building & Renovation 06/01/2017

Increase in Social Charges Exemption Thresholds

The income thresholds for exemption or reduction in social charges on pension income have been increased for 2017.

French Taxation 06/01/2017

Crime Levels in France in 2015

The French national crime statistics agency have recently published a analysis of the crime levels in each department of France for 2015.

French Life 06/01/2017

Uncertainty Causes Sterling to Soften

December was a mixed month for the GBP/EUR exchange rate with sterling generally tapering lower under pressure from Brexit concerns, writes Ben Scott.

Money in France 06/01/2017

Business Rates Relief in France

All businesses in France are liable for business rates, although there are several temporary and permanent exemptions and reductions, including some for landlords.

Business in France 06/01/2017

Foreign Buyers and Sellers in 2016

The notaires have recently published a glimpse of the foreign buyers and sellers of property in France in 2016.

French Property Market 06/01/2017

Mysterious Demolition of Cap Ferret Villa

A villa in the fashionable Atlantic coastal village of Cap Ferret has been mysteriously demolished, apparently without the knowledge and consent of the owner.

Building & Renovation 06/01/2017

Public Holidays in France 2017

The 11 public holidays in France in 2017 to put in your diary, as well as school dates.

French Life 06/01/2017

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