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Newsletter Issue 180: 06/12/2016

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

Inside you will find practical information and advice on French property ownership, visiting France and living in France.

We are always interested in hearing from you, as your experiences and queries make a significant contribution to our own knowledge and understanding.

As this is our last Newsletter of 2016 we wish you all a happy and festive holiday season.

David Yeates

Income Tax Relief in France in 2017

As a result of the proposed introduction of PAYE in France in 2018, most 2017 income will escape income tax and social charges.

French Taxation 06/12/2016

Buying Ski Property in the French Alps

The British are continuing to buy in the French Alps, although in smaller numbers and with far greater caution.

French Property Market 06/12/2016

Best Christmas Markets in France 2016

The ambiance of Christmas in France can probably be best experienced by a visit to a marché de noel.

Travel in France 06/12/2016

Responsibility for Debts in Marriage

A married couple may well have signed up to 'for better or worse', but in French law that principle has its limits when it comes to responsibility for debts.

Money in France 06/12/2016

The Price of Building Land in France in 2015

The average price of a building plot in France remained unchanged in 2015 at €78m², but prices vary enormously both within and between regions.

French Property Market 06/12/2016

Stamp Duty in France to be Abolished?

The favourite to be the next President of France, François Fillon, is proposing significant property based tax reductions and liberalisation of the private housing sec...

French Taxation 06/12/2016

Widow's Pensions in France

Surviving spouses of a former business owner in France may be entitled to a widow’s pension, the amount of which depends on a range of factors.

Money in France 06/12/2016

Use of Wood Burning Stoves in France

The use of a wood-burning stove is a comparatively cheap and efficient form of heating in France, provided you choose your burner and your wood with care.*

Money in France 06/12/2016

GBP/EUR Climbs in November

November was a positive month for the sterling to euro exchange rate with the British currency making steady gains against its currency bloc counterpart, writes Ben S...

Money in France 06/12/2016

Guide to House Insurance in France

We are pleased to publish our recently updated free Guide to the House Insurance in France.

Money in France 06/12/2016

Ski Properties For Sale 2016

A selection of Ski properties in France for sale in the Alps & Pyrenees, currently being advertised on French-Property.com. 

Property Picks 28/11/2016

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