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Newsletter Issue 130: 08/01/2013

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

A Happy New Year to all our 21,500 subscribers.

Inside you will find general news on France, as well as information and advice about buying property and living in France.

Do let us know what you think about the Newsletter.

We particularly welcome your queries and stories, which frequently form the basis for our articles.

David Yeates

French Income Tax Changes for 2013

Some French film stars may feel the need to seek Russian tax exile, but it is pretty much plus ça change on income tax for the rest of us in 2013.

French Taxation 08/01/2013

Buying Property in the Charente

The charming department of the Charente offers great value for money for those seeking a genuine French experience.

Property in France 08/01/2013

Sterling Euro Currency Review Q4 2012

Sterling performed negatively against the euro in Q4 as fears of a triple dip recession gripped the UK, writes Ben Scott.

Money in France 08/01/2013

Toughening of Capital Gains Tax on Second Home ...

Within weeks of announcing a temporary reduction in capital gains tax on second home sales, the government has increased the tax on large gains.

French Taxation 08/01/2013

Building Land Prices Rise 7.6% in 2011

The average price of a building plot in France in 2011 was €63m², an increase of 7.6% over 2010.

French Property Market 08/01/2013

Health Cover Social Charges and French Pensions

Obtaining a French retirement pension could mean you lose your S1 health cover and pay more in taxes than you receive in pension income.

Money in France 08/01/2013

Property Picks January 2013

We have made a selection of great properties currently being advertised for sale in the Poitou-Charentes region on French-Property.com.

Property in France 08/01/2013

Ferry Passengers Get New Rights

Travellers on trains and ferries within the EU have new guarantees of compension, assistance and information for delays, as is already the case for air passengers.

Travel in France 08/01/2013

New Energy Efficiency Standards

Substantial new home energy efficiency requirements have been introduced for new construction work, including house extensions.

Building & Renovation 08/01/2013

Does Auto-Entrepreneur Status Pay?

With auto-entrepreneur social security charges having been increased this year, does it make sense to opt for another business tax status ?

Business in France 08/01/2013

French Public Holidays 2013

There are 12 public holidays in France, so here are the dates you need to note in your diary for 2013.

French Life 08/01/2013

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