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Newsletter Issue 99: 15/03/2011

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

We feature in this issue an article about a legal case concerning the commission payable to an estate agent.

The decision in this case is particularly important, as both buyer and seller were found guilty and ordered to pay damages.

When the issue of liability for an agents commission is often disputed between buyer and seller, the case does make rather clear that neither can necessarily escape culpability when fraud is involved.

David Yeates

Tax Shield to be Abolished

The government has announced the abolition of the bouclier fiscal, as the first step to the effective abolition of the wealth tax.

French Taxation 15/03/2011

Buyers Responsibility on Septic Tank

A report on the septic tank is now obligatory for property sales, and if it is found to be sub-standard the buyer may be left with responsibility for up...

Property in France 15/03/2011

Over €5000 in Fees to Gift My Property!

Are notaire fees really that high when you want to make a gift of property?

Money in France 15/03/2011

Alpine Ski Property Prices in 2010

There has been considerable variation in the price of ski properties in the French Alps, say the French notaires.

French Property Market 15/03/2011

Buyer Defrauded Estate Agent of Commission

When the buyer is an accomplice to the fraudulent privation of the commission due to the estate agent, they are also liable for the damages payable.

Property in France 15/03/2011

Termite Zones in France

The French government have published a map showing those areas of the country where termites are present.

Property in France 15/03/2011

Buying Prescription Glasses in France

Buying prescription glasses in France is not quite as straightforward as walking into Specsavers, although many are now simply turning to the internet.

Health in France 15/03/2011

French Village at A Place in the Sun Live

Our largest French Village took place at the A Place in the Sun Live exhibition London last weekend.

Site News 15/03/2011

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