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Engaging An Architect in France

Engaging an architect should bring substantial additional added value to your building project, provided you set about the process with care.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 02 August 2011

Complaints Increase Over Septic Tank Surveys

Complaints are on the increase over the obligatory compliance inspections of septic tanks.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 01 June 2011

Earthquake Zones in France

New earthquake zones have been defined in France, encompassing nearly two thirds of the country!

Building & Renovation Tuesday 17 May 2011

Minor Building Works Consent Procedure

Some changes have been introduced in the consent procedure for minor building works to property.

Building & Renovation Friday 01 April 2011

Energy Efficiency Surveys Get Poor Rating

The quality of the energy surveys carried out on house sales has been roundly criticised by a leading French consumer group.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 01 March 2011

Consult Your Local Plan

Buying the right property is as much about finding out what is happening in the area as it is about the property itself.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 15 February 2011

Smoke Detectors Obligatory from 2015

The installation of smoke detectors is to be obligatory in all homes from 2015.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 01 February 2011

Cost of New Homes to Rise by up to 20%

The introduction of new energy efficiency standards will increase the cost of house construction by up to 20% say experts.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 01 February 2011

Do Home Improvements Make Sense?

Improving your French property does not always increase its value, so choose what to do with care, says John Marshall, a chartered survey...

Building & Renovation Wednesday 15 December 2010

Planning Taxes to be Merged

There is to be a rationalisation of the current confusing and multiple array of planning taxes and a review of planning laws.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 15 December 2010

Energy Rating on all Property Ads

From 1st January all properties in France for sale or to rent must be advertised with an energy performance rating.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 15 December 2010

Electricity in Your French Home

At last, a decent guide in English to the rules and techniques of electricity in your French home.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 01 December 2010

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