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Top Newsletter Articles 2017

Tuesday 09 January 2018

What were the most popular articles we published in our monthly Newsletter in 2017?

There were over 4 million views of our news and information pages in 2017, around one third of which were to articles from our monthly Newsletter.

Just in case you missed them, here is the list of the top ten most popular articles published in the year.

1. Brexit and Long-Term Residents in France

Despite Brexit, the right of residence and of health care for most expatriates in France will not be at the whim of the withdrawal negotiations.

2. French Health Insurance Contribution for 2017

Many thousands of expatriates have incorrectly been sent a notice for the payment of the PUMA health contribution, when they are not liable to pay the charge.

3. The Cost of Car Insurance in France

How much might you expect to pay each year to insure your car in France?.

4. France Visa's for Non-Europeans

EEA nationals maybe free to live and work in France without any visa being necessary, but what are the conditions of entry of nationals from outside of Europe?

5. French Tax and Social Security Changes for 2018

The government have published their tax and social security programme for next year, so what does it mean for households and small businesses?

6. French House Prices Half-Year 2017

The latest departmental market analysis shows average prices outside of Paris ranging from €650m² in the Creuse to €3,900m² in the Alpes Maritimes.

7. Brexit and State Pensions

The British government have committed themselves to maintaining existing arrangements for pensioners in Europe, but just what does that mean?

8. Where are the Sunniest Departments in France?

Meteo France have recently released figures showing the sunshine levels in each department of France last year, so who were the winners and losers?.

9. Status of Spouse in Micro-Entrepreneur Business

What is the fiscal and legal status of a spouse who assists in a micro-entrepreneur business run by their partner?

10. French Income Tax Payable in 2017

How much income tax might you expect to pay this year?

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