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Top Newsletter Articles 2016

The most popular articles published in our monthly Newsletter in 2016.

There were over 4 million views of our news and information pages in 2016. Around one third of these visits were to articles from our French News pages, published in our free monthly Newsletter.

Just in case you missed them, here is the list of the top ten most popular articles published in the year.

1. France's New Universal Health Care System

A universal system of healthcare has been introduced in France, so what are the implications for expatriates?

2. French Income Tax Exemption Thresholds 2016

The income thresholds that apply before you become liable for income tax in France in 2016.

3.France's Empty Homes

There are 2.8 million empty homes in France and their location provides a useful indicator of just where the best bargains may be found.

4. Brexit Vote Aftermath

The vote to leave the EU puts the UK through the looking-glass, but it is quite possible that things will not be very different to what they are today.

5. Broadband and Mobile Phone Deals in France

Most internet service providers in France offer broadband internet and mobile phone package deals, but in rural areas the choice is limited.

6. Rights of Residence in France

The right of residence and to health cover in France for early retirees is rather less clear in law than the European Commission would like us to believe.

7. Declaration of Foreign Bank Accounts

A British national has been fined €13,500 by the French tax authority for not declaring three bank accounts held abroad.

8. Are there Too Many Airports in France?

The airport infrastructure in France is vast, but the majority of airports receive few passengers and remain open only through public subsidy.

9. House Prices in France 2015

House prices in France rose marginally last year according to the Notaires de France, although that is not a view shared by French estate agents.

10. Transfer of Car Ownership in France

A summary of the procedures for the transfer and registration of car ownership in France.

This article was featured in our Newsletter dated 06/01/2017

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