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Guide to French Capital Gains Tax 2014

Wednesday 05 February 2014

There have been a number of changes to the regulations governing capital gains tax in France for 2014.

The main changes to the regulations are:

  • A reduction in the period of complete exemption from capital gains tax per se on the sale of property from 30 to 22 years.
  • Maintenance of the period of duration of 30 years for the complete exemption from social charges on the sale of real estate.
  • Both a relaxation and a toughening of rules on the exemption of former residents from capital gains tax on sale of property.
  • A separate regime for the taxation of gains on the sale of building land.
  • Taxation of gains on shares through the income tax system, with new allowances for minimum periods of duration.
  • Toughening of the taxation of personal property other than real estate.

These and other changes are contained in our updated free Guide to French Capital Gains Tax, which also contains a section on the obligatory use of tax agents by non-resident sellers.

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