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Soustons is a beach resort located on the ‘silver coast’ in the Landes department. As many beach resorts in the Landes department, Soustons is divided into two parts: the beach side and the town side, more into the land. Soustons also boasts a lake, for which the town is renowned. With 6,800 inhabitants, called the Soustonnais, Soustons is one of the largest towns in its area.


Soustons is also well renowned in France as it was the former French President François Mittérand second home town. As a result a memorial was built for him when he died.

As Soustons is a rather big town (6,800 inhabitants), it has the advantage to be lively all year long, unlike other towns in the Atlantic coast which are only lively during season time (April to Septembre). As a consequence, you will find in Soustons all amenities you need, such as shops, big supermarkets, schools for your children, etc.

Moreover, as the town displays both a beach and a lake it has on offer many outdoor and sport activities, such as surfing, rowing, hiking (in the forest), fishing, swimming, etc.

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Soustons Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Soustons is a lively town all year long, which is a very fairly rare in the area, and as a consequence demand for houses is rather high. Property prices in the town are, expectantly, quite high comparing to the department average (€2,720/sq m), however they remain lower than the national average (€3,200/ sq m).

It is also interested to notice that the trend these last months has been very changeable. From February 2009 to April 2009 prices remained fairly stable, slightly increasing (from €3,124/sq m to €3,143/ sq m). However, the trend changed dramatically in April 2009, and prices dropped until €2,800/ sq m in May 2009. Since May prices have started to increase again slightly to finally reach €2,840/ sq m in July 2009.

As a conclusion to this analysis we can say that it seems to be the right moment to buy a property in Soustons. Indeed, the town seems to have recovered from the real estate crisis, while prices are still fairly low. With no doubt, within one year prices will be at least as high as a few months ago, and will keep on increasing.

As far as rentals are concerned, Soustons is a very touristic place where demand in this market is very high during summer time. Any type of accommodations will be successful: gîte, hotels, camping, etc.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Soustons

  • Ocean: Soustons’ main asset is obviously its beach resort. The town boasts 6 km of white sand beach, which borders Vieux Boucau in the north and Seignosse in the south. As it is the case for most of beach resorts on the ‘silver coast’, there are free car parks, under the pine trees, which provide visitors some shade. Waves in Soustons are pretty good for surfing, and as a result, next to the guarded beach (for swimmers) you will find the surf beach. There is also a surf club where you can either take some lessons, either rent boards and suits.

  • Lake and forest: Soustons beautiful surroundings is another important asset for the town. The lake is a good alternative for people who do not like salt water and waves. It is also guarded (from 11:00am to 7:00pm in July and August) and has also a white sand beach. It is a very good alternative for families with low age children, as it is far less crowded than the ocean. In the lake you can also practice some water activities, such as windsurfing, rowing, etc. The forest is present in Soustons, as it is in the whole Landes department. A 70km footpath in the forest will help you discover this amazing environment. You can also discover this wild environment by taking the cycle path which goes all along the Landes coast, from Leon to Labenne.

  • Culture heritage: Soustons is a typical Gascony-Landaise town where gastronomy, joy and good temper are on top of the agenda. The town is renowned in the whole south west for its ferias which take place during the first week end of August each year. It is the opportunity to discover the Course Landaise, which is a kind of bullfighting with the following differences: they play with a cow and not a bull, and they do not hurt the animal, they just play with it, jumping over it, avoiding it, etc. It takes place in the bullring, and it always accompanied by a bandas, which is a local group of music, playing Spanish like music. You can even attend the Course Landaise with your children, as it is very entertaining and beautiful.

  • Way of life: life is Soustons is made so easy and relaxed thanks to the beautiful weather and laid back people. A good opportunity for visitors to meet locals will be to attend the numerous street markets which take place all year long. On Monday there are 2 markets: the Grand Marché during the morning takes place on the bullring square (in July and August), and the Night Market at Soustons beach. On Thursday there is the Petit Marché, which is a local produces market, on Friday there is again a night market down town.

Property Styles and Architecture in Soustons

  • Maisons de Maitres: you will find many of these properties as well down town, especially in the Vicomte street, but also outside the town centre. Their main feature is their huge size, two or three storey high, but also their prestigious layout, as well outside as inside. They usually come with a piece of garden, and very often with a swimming pool.

  • Modern hosues: as Soustons is expanding fairly quickly, and as demand is pretty high, many new houses are being built around the town. They are detached houses, but unfortunately are not built according to local traditions. They are just modern houses, very light, one or two storey high. They come with a garden and are close by all amenities.

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