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French Property Market

French Chateaux Prices Fall 40%

The price of chateaux in France has plumetted, down by around 40% since 2007, according to a leading high end estate agent in France.

Tuesday 03 March 2015

French House Prices in 2014

House prices in France continued to fall in 2014, but there are growing differences between town and country.

Wednesday 07 January 2015

Foreign Buyers and Sellers of French Property

British buyers continue to target the Dordogne, although neighbouring departments are also popular.

Wednesday 07 January 2015

Building Land Prices in France 2013

The average price of a building plot in France in 2013 was €72m², an increase of 8.8% over 2012, although in some regions land prices fell.

Thursday 04 December 2014

Lies, Damned Lies and French House Prices

A difficult housing market is placing real challenges on the notaires and estate agents to provide useful information on the movement in house prices.

Tuesday 04 November 2014

UK Buyers Returning to the Market

Sales of French property to UK buyers are on the up, say leading French estate agents Leggett Immobilier.

Wednesday 03 September 2014

House Prices Stable in Q1 2014

The French notaires have recently published their figures on the movement of house prices in Q1 2014 for each department of France.

Tuesday 05 August 2014

End of French House Price Cycle?

House prices in France are set to fall gradually for up to the next 10 years, according to two French economists.

Wednesday 02 July 2014

Vineyard Prices in France 2013

Vineyard prices rose by an average of 1.5% in 2013, but it was a very mixed year in which few generalisations are possible.

Wednesday 02 July 2014

French Farmhouse Prices in 2013

The French rural land agency SAFER have published their annual review of the property market, providing an insight into country house prices and international buying activity.

Wednesday 02 July 2014

House Prices in France in 2013

The notaires have recently published their analysis of the movement of house prices in 2013 for each department of France.

Tuesday 06 May 2014

Where to Buy in Lower Normandy?

Deauville may be the star attraction in Lower Normandy, but other areas of the department offer great value for money.

Tuesday 06 May 2014

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