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Beaumont is a French town located in the Puy de Dome department and in the Auvergne region. It is part of the Clermont Ferrand agglomeration, and as result boasts similar geographical and natural assets as the Auvergne prefecture.


Belmont is at the heart of a volcanic region, and this can be seen through its black stones monuments (the archetype being Clermont Ferrand cathedral). With 11,200 inhabitants, called the Beaumontois, the town is part of many urban project with Clermont Ferrand and the other surrounding towns. Its is a very dynamic area that also boasts an amazing beautiful natural environment.

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Beaumont Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Since the national average for house prices is around €3,200/sq m in France in 2009, Beaumont with €2,070/sq m can be said to be affordable. Prices in April 2009 increased by 5.5%, as a result if you want to invest in this dynamic and lovely town you are better hurry before the inflation starts again. France, as the whole world, suffered from the real estate crisis, and prices went down for some months. Today, prices are starting to going up in the most dynamic areas, such as Clermont Ferrand. However, prices are still rather low, and it is now the perfect moment to invest and to find the best bargain.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Beaumont

  • Local culture: in Beaumont there is a very typical event, you must not miss, it is called Fête des Cornards. The legend says that during Middle Ages, on a Sunday morning, Beaumont priest was celebrating Mass and was talking about faithfulness. When suddenly a billy goat went in the church. Then the priest said in Occitan “you, the cornard go out of this church”. Cornard in the local Occitan means both a billy goat and a cuckold. As a result half of the men in the church left! Since then, every year at the same date there is a fête.

  • Architectural style: the whole Auvergne region is renowned for its Roman style architecture (around 250 monuments in the region). Puy de Dome and Clermont Ferrand surroundings house some of them. In Beaumont itself you can visit the Saint Pierre church, built during the 11th century, and the Notre Dame de la Rivière.

  • Activities: Auvergne is famous for its volcanoes and the beautiful volcanic massif it offers. As a result there are many outdoor activities on offer, such as: hiking, water sports in the lakes, horse-riding, but also some extreme sports as paragliding, climbing, hot-air balloon, etc.

  • Volcanoes: volcanoes around Beaumont offer a beautiful and unique view. Auvergne, and the Massif Central, is the place where there are more volcanoes in France. French landscape is not usually characterized by volcanoes, which makes Auvergne such a unique and beautiful place to go in France.

Property Styles and Architecture in Beaumont

  • Half-timbered houses: these houses are actually found in almost every regions of France and in many places in Europe as well. Of course each region has its own pattern and specificity; however the general feature remains the same. They were built during the 15th century and as many half-timbered houses, the down part of the house is in stone and the upper part boasts a beautiful colombage where timber frame and bricks are mixed into beautiful geometrical shapes. These houses are usually quite big, are two-storey high. Some of them might come with an interior courtyard; they have a traditional big kitchen, many bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, independent toilet. The inside is beautifully decorated with timber and freestone.

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