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Avranches is located in the Manche department Basse Normandie region of France. It accounts for 8,239 inhabitants. The town was built in front of the renowned Mont Saint Michel and is thus an important location amongst tourists who often chose to find a dwelling there.


Avranches is a popular and touristy location which attracts a lot of Brits. The latter come to visit the famous Mont Saint Michel, located in Avranches’ surroundings. This French rocky small island attracts over 3 million visitors each year. Thus, Avranches area represents 30% of the accommodation offer of the Manche department. The main assets of the town are the culture, environment and sport.

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Avranches Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property is sold €3,197 /sq m in France. In the Manche department, the property price is €2,030 /sq m, which is quite affordable considering the national average. Properties in Avranches are sold on average €1,800, which is quite low, especially considering that the town is a touristy location (since located in the Mont Saint Michel area). An investment there should be a good placement, either for a main home or a second home.

As far as rentals are concerned, a property is rented €12.22 /sq m /month in France and €8.11 /sq m /month in Manche. In Avranches, 64.2% of the inhabitants are tenants, which implies excellent rental opportunities in the town. Buy-to-lets are profitable investments due to the number of tourists in the area. There is a higher demand in 3, 4 and 5-room properties than in smaller ones.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Avranches

  • Historical heritage: the commune also boasts a rich history. Indeed, it was a pilgrimage location: pilgrims went to the Mont Saint Michel and walked through Avranches. During WWII, the town was a battle and deliverance area. Numerous religious monuments are also displayed throughout the town such as the Mont Saint Michel manuscripts, Saint Aubert’s head – the founder of the Mont Saint Michel – and so on.

  • Tourism – sights: Avranches boasts gorgeous landscapes to be discovered absolutely: hedged farmlands, meadows, estuary and Mont Saint Michel Bay, Avranches’ mount… The ecosystem is rich and dense living at the rhythm of the Mont Saint Michel Bay’s tides. The latter is part of the Worldwide Heritage (UNESCO). The Sée and Sélune Rivers are famous for their salmons. About 20 hiking paths will let you admire this wonderful scenery. Finally, Avranches garden offer an amazing view over the Mont Saint Michel.

  • Location – transport links: Avranches is located at a strategic position and boasts many transport links. It is 40 minutes from Rennes, 50 minutes from Caen and 2 ¾ hrs from Paris. Caen, Rennes, Granville and Dinard airports will let you fly to Manchester, Paris, Dublin, and London amongst others. The railway station will lead you to Rennes and Caen. Paris is easily reachable by the high-speed train and will let you travel to the UK quickly.

Property Styles and Architecture in Avranches

  • Apartments: over 55% of the dwellings in Avranches are apartments. They are located in the town centre and allow an easy access to the main amenities (i.e. shops, schools, bus stops..) Some of them are newly built and are thus modern. They are ideal if you are looking for buy-to-let investments. Besides, the rental market in the town is excellent.

  • Maisons de Maître: you can find in the area some prestigious houses such as Maisons de Maître:, castles, bourgeoise houses and manor houses. They come with a large land, garage, outbuildings and offer a gorgeous view over the surroundings (like over the Mont Saint Michel for instance). They are often old massive properties (16th century). However, some of them may need renovation.

  • Stone houses: some properties in Avranches are constructed with stones. They are most of the time detached houses coming with a land, garage, attic and sometimes outbuildings. When located in the countryside, they offer quietness and beautiful view. They are perfect for a main home or a holiday house.

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