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Domfrontis a 9,995-inhabitant town located in the Orne department in the French region of Basse Normandie (Lower Normandy). The town is situated in the western part of the department, on the banks of the Varenne River.


The town benefits from a privileged natural site and offers a great panorama over a large area of hedged farmland. Domfront originates from the 11th century, as the first fortifications were built. Surrounded by deep ditches, the town quickly became an important stronghold after a surrounding wall was erected by Guillaume de Talvas. At the same time, a castle also was built and became one of the powerful keeps of France. Nowadays, we can still admire the ruins of this castle in a nice public park.

Domfront has a nice setting: the commune received the label of ‘flourished town’ (French competition for flowers and gardens in towns) and a part of the area is covered by the forêt d’Andaine (state-owned forest). Many leisure facilities are available in and around the town which attracts many holiday makers every year. Domfront invites people to stroll and learn more about its rich and fascinating historical heritage.

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Domfront Immobilier & Property Market Trends

As regards property prices, Domfront is really accessible in comparison with the department as a whole. In May 2009, it cost about €1,542 /square metre to buy a property in the commune, against €3,197 /square metre for the national average. The average price for a house to buy was €1,526/sq m at the same period. So a house of about 106 sq m costs in average €150,353.

84% of the properties in Domfront are main houses and only 4.8% are second homes. The majority of dwellings are detached houses (68.6%) and apartments represent only 27% of the whole properties. Are you looking for a property in a lovely and quiet area? Then you will for sure find your dream house in the beautiful commune of Domfront!

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Domfront

  • Places of interest: there are some places not to be missed when visiting Domfront. Several monuments of the town are indeed listed as historical monuments: the ruins of the medieval castle such as the surrounding wall, the towers and the keep, the 11th-century Romanesque church ‘Notre-Dame sur-l’Eau’, Saint-Julien church (one of the most beautiful example of neo-Byzantine religious architecture in France) and 16th-century manor called ‘manoir de la Palue’.

  • Events and cultural life: many events and celebrations are organised all year round in Domfront, gathering both locals and visitors in a festive atmosphere. The folk group called ‘Trou Normand’ perpetuates the traditional dances, music and songs of the commune. A folk festival is held in July. In August, a medieval festival also takes place: the whole town plunges again in the Middle Ages the time of a week-end with animations in the streets, medieval market, music, troubadours, night shows and so on. A street market is held every Friday and varied fairs and exhibitions can be found in the town during the year.

  • Activities: the choice is wide for sport and nature lovers. Domfront offers plenty of activities that you will enjoy practising with some friends or family. People can hike as there are 300km of certified paths and the forest of Andaines. Climbing is also possible in the area as well as playing golf, tennis, fishing, riding horses or mountain biking. The nice local campsite enables people to spend relaxing time and is a good place where you can stay to visit the region.

  • Surroundings: Domfront is of course not the only beautiful commune of the area. Indeed, the towns of Haute-Chapelle and Bagnoles-de-l’Orne, amongst others, are also worth visiting. The first commune has a beautiful manor – ‘manoir de la Saucerie’ – and the second one is a thermal town which is very famous amongst holiday makers.

Property Styles and Architecture in Domfront

  • Stone properties: whether they are farmhouses or simply barns, you will find numerous stone properties in Domfront and its surroundings. Such properties need renovation most of the time as they are quite old, but they offer large dimensions and have a great potential. They come with outbuildings and a large piece of land comprising a garage, a courtyard and fields sometimes. Stome properties are full of character and very sought-after. Their main asset is the nice setting as they are located in the countryside so in a very quiet area. Do not hesitate longer and have a look at the properties which are available in the search section.

  • Town houses: these properties are attached and situated close to all amentities as they can be found in the town centre. Their dimension may vary. Some of them come with a garage, a garden, a cellar and/or an attic, other just come with a small piece of land behind or a car park in front of the property. In Domfront, many town houses are made of stone or bricks, having thus a lot of character. When dimensions are important, there stone properties can be converted into hotels or B&B. This is definitely a great investment.

  • Half-timbered houses: it is also possible to find some half-timbered properties in Domfront or in the communes nearby. Such houses are really beautiful. Wood is used both inside and outside of the property. The wood beams inside are really impressive and give all the authenticity to the house, as well as the visible stone inside. Walls are made up of a cob and stone mix.

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