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Flers is a French town of the north of the Orne department, in the Basse Normandie region of France. It accounts for 16,094 inhabitants called the Flériens. Flers is only 10km to the Calvados department border. The Vère River runs through the town.


Marked with the hectic events of the Normandy battle, the town has kept many remains of its history. Flers area has therefore an interesting heritage on offer. Thanks to several cultural sites to visit, secrets and treasures of its past are revealed to onlookers. As regards sacred art, several beautiful churches are to admire. Besides, it is a lively town organizing various events all year long, like huge hikings or concerts for example.

Situated on the Ornais hedged farmland, Flers benefits from an oceanic climate ; which means temperate summers and mild winters. Within a reassuring countryside, the benefical effects of outdoors mix with beautiful sights of green and lichen russet landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see. Flers definitely offers a relaxing environment where the life can only be peacefully pleasant.

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Flers Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in France is sold €3,197 /sq m. In the Orne department, the property price is €1,540 /sq m i.e. half cheaper than the national average. This is a very cheap department in terms of real estate and it should be the right moment to buy a house or an apartment.

In Flers, a property is even cheaper, with an average price of €1,342 /sq m. Orne is the cheapest department of Lower Normandy. An apartment is sold €1,250 /sq m and the average price for a house is €120,600. Furthermore, 58% of the inhabitants are tenants, making Flers a good location for rentals.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Flers

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Flers boasts several religious monuments and interesting sites to discover. Do visit the 16th and 17th centuries castle and its museum. There you can admire paintings and sculptures amongst others. Saint Germain church was built in 1910 in a neo-gothic style. Saint Jean church for its part has a neo-roman style and was built earlier, between 1858 and 1865.

  • Activities: Flers offers many activities and sports. You can be part of the football or handball team or choose to practise swimming, tennis, squash, horse riding, rugby, volley ball, basket ball and so on. The town holds good sports equipments. Flers is also a good location for music lovers, who can be part of a music association called SON’ART.

  • Local produce: the Normandy region is famous for its rich gastronomy: butter, creme fraiche, tripe, Camembert... The Flers area has furthermore some local specialities, such as duck terrine and fromage de tête de porc (farmhouse brawn), duck pie or the delectable Bec de Flers, an apple & rhubarb turnover. Alcoholised drinks are not left behind with tasty cider, poiré (perry) and pommeau (blend of apple juice and brandy).

  • Location – transport links: the railway station will let you go travel to Paris easily thanks to the Paris - Granville line. The French capital being a hub in terms of transport links, you can reach the UK in few hours; and other big European cities as well. Inside the town, you can move thanks to bus routes which serve the town centre and the surrounding communes.

Property Styles and Architecture in Flers

  • Stone houses: some properties in Flers are constructed with stones. These charming houses are located either in the town centre or in the surrounding countryside. Beams are often exposed inside the house, which give more character to it. The roof usually has shed dormers, typical from Normandy.

  • Detached houses: you will find in the town many heavy properties full of charm. The roof is made up of stale tiles and has shed dormers. Some of them are restored but others need renovation. They come with a large land and offer an amazing view over the Norman countryside.

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