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Sens is a French town of the Yonne department, in the north of the Burgundy region (Bourgogne in French). It is located 120km to the south east of Paris. The commune houses about 27,000 inhabitants called the Sénonais and is crossed by the Yonne and Vanne Rivers.


The name of the town comes from a Gaul tribe, the Sénons and some antique drains are still to be seen. However the golden age of Sens was in the Middle Ages, when it was an important religious town, compulsory crossroads for archbishops and other notables. It also used to be a key place of an important royal bailiwick during the 11th century. Thomas Becket also spent a part of its exile in Sens.

Sens has many assets and for a few years has attracted more and more people. The town and its villages are indeed experiencing a remarkable demographic growth, the biggest of the Burgundy region. In order to match these newcomers’ expectations, lots of projects have been implemented and new facilities built. A port area should notably come into being for the end of 2009.

Its economy is mainly based on the service industry. The town is proud of its numerous craftsmen, privileged intermediaries of a fine traditional know-how. It besides offers plenty of shops to dawdle in and to find unique items. It has indeed no less than five shopping centres. Another project of the town is the ‘Burgundy Gates’ complex, which will offer a large range of commercial, cultural and leisure activities and events.

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Sens Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Sens real estate market underwent a sharp fall at the end of 2008 before stabilizing. In August 2009 prices have begun to drop again, slightly however. As property prices are there currently attractive, it could be the right time to invest. While a property in France in 2009 is on average sold €3,197 /sq m, property prices in Sens are indeed lower and more affordable: €1,815 /sq m (€1,880 /sq m in the Yonne department).

Buying prices vary according to the type of property. Apartments are surprisingly the most expensive with an average of €1,937 /sq m when a villa costs €1,686 /sq m. In Sens plenty of farmhouses are to be found, either refurbished or to renovate as one chooses and you should account approximately €1,853 /sq m to buy one. If you are looking for a lovely place to settle in Burgundy, a farmhouse in Sens could be the ideal choice. If you are looking to buy-to-let opportunities, the local rental market is also good with 56.7% of tenants.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Sens

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Sens is home to beautiful monuments and sites not to be missed. The religious and medieval art plunges you in Sens’ history and for sacred art, the Saint Etienne Cathedral built in the 13th century astonishes by its harmonious mix of different styles. It furthermore nestles one of the two biggest archaeological treasures in France. The impressive synodal palace for its part was built by an archbishop and restored by Viollet-le-Duc. It welcomes temporary exhibitions in summer and the ground floor is a beautiful testimonial of the medieval prison cells.

  • Greenery and parks: Sens was bestowed on the highest distinction of the concours des villes et villages fleuris, a competition awarding the most flowered towns in which ‘green’ and soothing atmosphere, surroundings and way of life rule. The Parc du Moulin à Tan is located in a 10ha small island. This park is one of the most visited in Burgundy, with nearly 200,000 visitors. You can there admire animals, water birds, rose gardens, tropical greenhouses… It offers the ideal tranquillity to spend peaceful moments in family.

  • Location – Transport links: Sens’ transport links are well developed in the town, as the town also possesses its own bus network. Regional and high-speed trains will allow you travel to Marseille or Lyon, through Melun. Sens is at less than one hour from the French capital by train. Paris being a hub in terms of transport, you will easily be able to reach any destination.

Property Styles and Architecture in Sens

  • Detached houses: such properties often come with a piece of land, These houses are usually modern with painted front façade and shutters. On the roof, you can find shed dormers. These properties are ideal if you are planning to settle in the area.

  • Small farmhouses: many small farmhouses are to be found in Sens. They are full of character and have land, a courtyard, a garage and sometimes outbuildings. Some of them are fully renovated. Front facades and shutters are painted and shed dormers make these character houses all the more charming.

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