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Located along the northern coast of the Finistere department in Brittany, Roscoff is a nice village of over 3,700 inhabitants. This village is particularly renowned amongst British people due to the numerous ferries that leave from Plymouth (England) or Cork (Ireland) for example and arrive in its harbour. But Roscoff has many other gems on offer such as an outstanding and preserved architectural heritage, many activities all year round and great sandy beaches…


Roscoff is nowadays a great seaside resort and an important fishing port. Situated on Morlaix’s peninsula, this village is really a pleasant and quiet place to live in. You can sail, visit the famous thalasso-wellness centre, stroll in the natural landscapes, attend to Breton festivals, etc. The Roscovites are proud of their village where detente is part of the art de vivre. This area is the perfect place to go to if you want to relax and escape the busy world you are living in!

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Roscoff Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in Roscoff are pretty high for the village’s location. You will spend up to €1,870 / square metre for a property to buy in this village. As far as the Brittany region and Finistere department are concerned, we can say that there are huge disparities in real estate prices. Indeed you can buy a property for €900 / square metre in Morlaix and not be able to spend less than €1,800 for one in Roscoff!

Roscoff’s property prices are close to the departmental average which is of about €1,770 / square metre. An ancient apartment to buy costs between €2,000 and €2,960 / square metre, depending of course on the number of rooms, location, condition, etc. 76% of properties are detached houses and many have 5 rooms or more. Why not investing in a huge property in Roscoff to spend your holidays in the great Brittany region? Buy-to-let investments are also a good alternative.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Roscoff

Why is this small Breton village so famous? Are there interesting things to do there? Of course there are! Below are 5 reasons - amongst others - why you should invest in real estate in this part of Brittany:

  • Ferry crossings: Roscoff’s charming harbour links the Brittany region with England, Scotland and Ireland. The ferry company “Brittany Ferries” provides travel to Roscoff from Plymouth (United Kingdom) and Cork (Ireland). The company “Irish Ferries” also allows you to reach this village from Rosslare (Ireland). Many British people use these ferries to come to France and buy French wines at much cheaper prices than in England. But this means of transport is also very practical if you want to stay in France for some days, especially in Brittany as you will arrive directly in this region. These ferry crossings provide a real boost to the local economy.

  • Monuments: Notre-Dame de Croaz Batz church (built from 1522 to 1550), the Mary, Queen of Scots House, the aquarium and the research laboratory in oceanography and marine biology are the major places of interests of Roscoff.

  • Breton culture: Roscoff inhabitants want to keep many Breton traditions. The town joined the linguistic plan called Ya d'ar brezhoneg (“Yes to Breton language”) in November 2008. This plan aims at using the Breton language in the daily life: on the roads - road signs written in both French and Breton - at work, on the websites about Brittany, in clubs, etc.). In 2001, as this plan was launched, the organisations and small companies were the only organisms to be targeted, but since 2005 many towns have decided to get involved in the project. Today, more than 70 Breton villages and towns have signed the charter. Many children learn to speak Breton and go to bilingual schools.

  • Ile de Batz: the small island called Enez Vaz in Breton can be reached by launch from Roscoff’s harbour. With many breathtaking landscapes, this island is worth a visit. Let’s visit the chapelle Ste-Anne (St Anne’s Chapel), the exotic garden and the lighthouse of the île de Batz! Numerous activities can be done there: fishing, boating (excursions at sea), sailing, hiking, riding a bike, etc.

  • Onion Johnnies: the village is also a traditional departure point for Breton farmers who, in years gone by, used to sell distinctive pink onions door-to-door in England, Wales and Scotland. These farmers were called “Onion Johnnies” and started to export their products in 1828 because the market was more profitable across the English Channel than in Brittany. An Onion Johnny Museum opened recently in Roscoff (2004). An application was recently made to protect the Roscoff’s onion under the French Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (Protected deisgnation of Origin).

Property Styles and Architecture in Roscoff

  • 16th-century granite houses: there are in Roscoff many properties with granite walls, low doors and fenêtres de toiture (windows jutting out of the roof) which can be decorated with sculptures that give a majestic style to the houses.

  • Maisons de pêcheurs: the walls of these fishermen’s houses - located close to the sea - are made up of stone mixed with granite. Around the doors and windows, there is only granite. The roof of such properties is composed of slated tiles. These houses inspired other architecture styles in the same region.

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