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Auray is a commune of Morbihan, in the Brittany region. Its 12,420 inhabitants are called Alréen(e)s and the Breton language is still spoken by some of the locals.It offers both peaceful surroundings and lifestyle.


Auray is surrounded by three communes: Crac’h, Brech and Pluneret. It is crossed by the Loch River and the highest part of the town is located on the west bank of the Auray River, on the edge of the Armorican plateau. The lovely Saint-Goustan port was originally inhabited by a small village of fishermen before playing an important part in the local economy. Today it is a nice marina and a stopover for the Morbihan Gulf tourist tour.

The Saint-Goustan district is very ancient and is probably the most typical place of Auray. Strolling in this area alone will immerse yourself in a particular yesteryear lifestyle. It has several monuments not to pass by, of which a stone archways bridge and a castle’s vestiges. The Kerléano hamlet for its part offers another atmosphere to experience. Greenery is there to be found everywhere, brightened up by some statues. If you are looking for a traditional Breton location, Auray very well reflects the Brittany typicality.

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Auray Immobilier & Property Market Trends

As Brittany is a much appreciated region, real estate prices in the area can sometimes be high. However, in Auray the average buying price is surprisingly affordable with €2,685 /sq m in 2009, which is below the national average (€3,197 /sq m). After a significant drop in prices in May, the real estate market in this town has stabilized; with nevertheless an upward trend. It is therefore the right time to buy before a predictable surge. Besides, Auray offers good buy-to-let opportunities as the town accounts for 53 % tenants.

Prices also vary according to the type of property. For an apartment you can account about €2,781 /sq m and €294,286 for a house (or €2,420 /sq m). The distribution of apartments and houses is quite homogenous with a majority of at least 3-bedroom dwellings. The average area is 80sq m. We notice that ancient housing is more expensive than new one. As apartment prices increase faster than the houses ones, the best choice is probably to invest in a typical property.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Auray

  • Art & historical heritage: the town boasts numerous outstanding monuments. The narrow streets alone are beautiful remains of Middle Ages. Sacred art is predominant with notably the Renaissance Saint Gildas church with its fine-looking southern gate. The Georges Cadoudal mausoleum for its part with its neo-classical style has been remarkably preserved and is really worth to be seen. Other sites to mention are the Saint Goustan church and the Champ des Martyrs (Field of the Martyrs).

  • Cultural life: let alone its rich heritage, Auray organizes plenty of events all year round. The Athéna cultural centre indeed gathers three different spaces: an auditorium, a music school and a multimedia library. The programming is there miscellaneous and adapted to all audiences. The exhibitions nevertheless tend to turn towards contemporary art. Theatre, concerts or dance amongst others, the choice is just up to you!

  • Location – transport links: by train, the ParisQuimper line allows you to travel easily. In summer, the tire bouchon train leads you to Quiberon. By car, Auray is accessible through the A11 motorway which connects Paris to Rennes and is served by two main roads. The Lorient airport is at only 40km and from here you will be able to reach Paris as well as big European towns. On a local scale, several interurban transports are also available.

Property Styles and Architecture in Auray

Auray’s housing stock is about half made up of apartments, but they however don’t have a particular style. Few longères are to be found but are really scarce and very sought-after. Please see below for a description of the main types of houses.

  • Half-timbered houses: the most ancient go back to the 15th century. With wood façades and frame, the whole is quite prestigious. All the more so as they often have nice corbelling and St André’s cross. They are to be found on the port and bring a charming medieval atmosphere.

  • Traditional houses: Brittany is renowned for its beautiful properties and Auray is not an exception. Some boast original styles perfectly in harmony with the surroundings. They usually have a wooden floor and an attic which can be converted. Besides, they often come with a fenced graden.

  • Contemporary houses: they are spacious properties with luminous living spaces. The kitchen is generally open on the lounge and a terrace completes the house. On top of that, they come with rather big plots of land. Located in residential districts, they offer a peaceful lifestyle.

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