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Saran is a French commune part of the Loiret department and Centre region of France. With 15,550 inhabitants, this French commune is really well located, between Paris and Orléans and benefitting from swift transport links to both the capital city and the biggest city of Loiret. Bordered with the forest of Orléans, the town offers the great assets of a countryside town along with the easy access to two big economic and touristic centres.

When it comes to real estate, Saran offers very good value for money along with very pleasant landscapes, 15 minutes from Orleans and 50 minutes from Paris. A very good place to invest in a main or second home indeed. Compared to the size of the commune, Saran can be described as lively both in terms of sport and culture, with all the necessary facilities. Indeed culture and sport lovers will find all the best equipments in the neighbouring Orléans or in Paris. In spite of these activities and facilities, property prices in Saran are moderate (please read Property Market Trends below).

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Saran Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France in 2009 cost €3,197 /sq m on average. In the Centre region, buying a property costs €2,159 /sq m. Orléans which is within a 15-minute drive offers properties at €2,300 /sq m. Buying property in Saran is thus a good bet. Indeed, the town offers many pleasures and assets that are those of the French countryside and villages, along with the cultural, transport and economic advantages linked to the nearby presence of Orléans and Paris.

A property in Saran costs €2,000 /sq m but many properties can be spotted at €1,830 /sq m. Plus the area offers farmhouses and larger properties that are difficult to buy in Paris for instance. When it comes to apartments, in Saran they cost from €1,450 /sq m to €1,840 /sq m and differences of price between small or large properties are discreet. Add €50 /sq m and you get two more rooms. An ideal place to invest or to buy a second property with excellent transport links (10 minutes to the station and 50 minutes to Paris thence).

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Saran

  • Good food: Loiret offers plenty of specialities such as the Pithiviers cake, made with eggs, sugar, butter, rum and almonds. A local jelly quince paste is a delight too, it is called Cotignac. These specialities along with other food delights make the joy of the locals.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: a heaven of tranquillity, Saran is ideally located, just a few miles from Orleans and Paris. The French commune offers, along with the neighbouring forest of Orleans, a set of activities and facilities related to nature in its Grand Liot centre. There you can practise watersports, horse riding, hiking, cycling, swimming in the pool provided etc, but also enjoy the school / farm which lets you approach animals. An actual town with the assets of the countryside.

  • Location – transport links: Saran benefits from great transport links. By road, a motorway connects Orleans to Paris and also serves Saran. By plane, land in one of the Parisian airports or in Tours (flights from Stansted), then reach Saran by car or train. By train, the station of Fleury les aubrais is located 10 minutes from Saran and is reached in 50 minutes from Paris. These swift transport links are a massive asset to draw holidaymakers, especially at summer. They also attract a number of commuters in search for property to rent or buy.

  • Rental opportunities: due to the high touristy potential of the area and the many chateaux around on one hand, and many Paris commuters o the other hand, the rental potential is high. As you can see from our Property Market Trends page, buying in Saran is a good investment as property value in the Fench town is low.

Property Styles and Architecture in Saran

Saran offers diverse property styles. Town houses are available as well as mansions and maisons de maitre properties. The latter are often gorgeous, with a symmetrical, massive layout and aspect. These properties are easily sold and bought. Renting them can be more difficult as they have many rooms. Some of them come with a pigeonnier adding even more value to the house. In and around the town, farmhouses can be found.

Along the forêt d’Orléans, modest properties can be found. They are generally half-timbered with bricks and are of simple dimensions. The roof is steeply pitched and the general aspect is engaging. These are typical Sologne which are ideal as second homes/ holiday properties.

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