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Chaumont is the prefecture of the Haute Marne department, in the Champagne Ardenne region, north east of France. It accounts for 27,041 inhabitants called the Chaumontais.


Of feudal origin, Chaumont is the former seat of the Comtes de Champagne – counts of Champagne – and has thus early benefited from a strategic position. During WWII, Chaumont was occupied by the enemy from 1940 to 1944. During the following years, the town’s main activities were linked to the construction of an air base. Chaumont is nowadays essentially oriented toward the service sector with numerous administrations.

Heart of the Haute Marne department, it is located at the boundaries of the Langres plateau, between the Suize and Marne rivers. Life surroundings are probably the best asset of Chaumont, ‘a medieval town within greenery’. It is indeed situated close to woodwind sections and allow outdoors strolls in a peaceful environment. With 3 flowers (out of 4) awarded at the French ‘city in bloom’ competition, Chaumont is a nice town offering a pleasant lifestyle.

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Chaumont Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property prices in Chaumont are low and should be affordable to any budget. Indeed, a property in the town cost €1,463 /sq m in 2009. Compared with the national average of €3,197 /sq m, Chaumont offers properties of good value. The average of the Haute Marne department is almost the same than Chaumont’s.

If you are looking for a rental, note that apartments and houses are rented on average €6.23 /sq m a month (against €12.22 /sq m /month in France as a whole). In other words, renting a property in Chaumont is half price than in most French towns. On the contrary, it is also worth investing in a property if you are looking for a buy-to-let investment as 57.8% of the inhabitants are tenants (against 39.8% in France on average).

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Chaumont

  • International festival of graphics and posters: this typical festival has been organized in the town since 1990. One of its aims is to promote communication throughout artistic graphics and posters. Miscellany has pride of place in this international festival, as exhibitions are historical as well as contemporary. The competition is besides open to professionals, students but also to a wider audience of amateurs. The organizers also often pay tribute to typography fathers inviting them or displaying their works. This annual event is definitely worth attending.

  • Architectural heritage: Furthermore, it boasts a gorgeous heritage when it comes to architecture. The Comtes de Champagne dungeon is the most renowned along with the imposing viaduct, real emblem of Chaumont. Numerous other remnants of the past are also worth to be seen, such as the 13th century ramparts or the Arse tower. Sacred art is not either left behind. Listed as national ancient monument, both the Saint Jean Baptiste basilica, harmoniously mixing different styles and the Jesuit chapel with its typical ornamental richness are really not to be missed.

  • Location – transport links: by road, you can reach Chaumont with the A5 and A31 motorways which pass through Dijon, Paris, Nancy, Metz and Luxembourg. By train, you can easily travel to Troyes, Mulhouse, Reims and Nice amongst others. Chaumont is only 2h15 from Paris and as the French capital is a hub in terms of transports, you will be able to link other big European cities in very few times.

Property Styles and Architecture in Chaumont

  • Apartments: 53% of the total dwellings in the town are apartments. They are the ideal property type for those who are looking for a buy-to-let investment or for a second home in Chaumont. Some of them are of great value, quite modern and renovated.

  • Houses: cottages, one-storey properties or town houses in Chaumont often comes with a piece of land, more or less large depending on the property type. Some houses are of great value but may need some renovation however. Some houses are constructed of stones.

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