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Reims is a city of the Marne department, in the Champagne Ardenne region, north east of France. It is nicknamed the city of coronation or the city of kings, since it was the traditional site of the crowning of the kings of France. Reims is the most populated town of Marne and Champagne Ardenne, though it is not the prefecture.


Nicknamed the city of the champagne, Reims also boasts a gorgeous architecture and beautiful monuments not to be missed. When strolling in the town centre, you will discover Reims’ 2,000 years history. The cathedral is very famous: this is a Gothic style edifice dating back from the 13th century. This is a unique cathedral which is part of the World Heritage. Its towers are 81m tall and the monument is 150m wide.

Thanks to its traditions and know-how, Reims is also a regional centre. The city is indeed dynamic and modern due to its privileged situation i.e. at the junction of several routes. Indeed, it is one the one hand located between Paris and Strasbourg and in the other hand close to European countries (Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany). Other assets are a diversified economy, excellent education and research centres. In Reims, enjoy the lifestyle, sport and cultural facilities, shopping and champagne!

Reims holds 82 parks, 14 playgrounds and 3 beautiful gardens. In other words, greenery is present everywhere in the town which make it a pleasant location to live in. It allows relaxation and détente at the heart of a dynamic city.

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Reims Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, a property in France is sold €3,197 /sq m. In the Marne department, property prices are €2,445 /sq m. Since Reims is a very touristy location, property prices are slightly higher than the department average (€2,594 /sq m). However, the city has so much on offer (architecture, history, greenery, champagne…). Furthermore, tenants are numerous (71.6%) and the real estate market there offers excellent rental opportunities. It should be very easy to rent your property in Reims.

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6 Reasons to Buy a Property in Reims

  • Champagne: internationally renowned, this is a festive sparkling wine drunk all over the world for any occasion. It is named after the Champagne Ardenne region from which it comes from. However, champagne is not produced only in Reims area but also in some of the neighbouring departments such as Aisne, Aube, Haute Marne and Seine et Marne. The main grapes used for the making of the champagne is Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier.

  • Gastronomy: numerous delightful produce are on offer in Reims. The town is the capital of the famous pain d’épice made with honey and rye flour. The term ‘biscuit’ was also invented in the city around 1690. A traditional biscuit of Reims is the Pink Biscuit of Reims. This is one of the most ancient French biscuits which have a pink colour. The locals are used to dipping them in champagne. Just taste and enjoy!

  • Architectural heritage: Reims is classified as a city of art and history. It boasts 4 edifices which are part of the World Heritage by UNESCO. The first one is of course the cathedral: it was the crowning place of French kings. Also gaze at the Palais du Tau, Saint Remi basilica and abbey.

  • Greenery and environment: although Reims is not the prefecture of the department, it is the main economic centre of the Champagne Ardenne region. The major sectors are food industry, health/beauty, automobile, logistics, building, education and research and glass industry. Only 45 minutes to Paris thank to the high-speed train, Reims is the privileged location for Parisian companies.

  • Location – Transport links: Reims is very reachable thanks to the French high-speed train, which connects the town to 200 destinations. Indeed, it is only 45minutes from Paris, 1 ½ hrs from Lille and 2 hrs from Strasbourg. Three motorways will let you travel easily and quickly by car. In the town centre, you can also move easily thanks to the public transports: tramway and buses.

  • Rental opportunities: Reims is a popular tourist location and thriving economic centre. Along with a huge percentage of tenants in the city (70%), it offers excellent rental opportunities either from seasonal short term lets or long term lets. If you are looking for a buy-to-let investment in a dynamic area of Champagne Ardenne, Reims is definitely the best location for you.

Property Styles and Architecture in Reims

  • Apartments: since they represent 74.4% of the total dwellings in Reims, it should be much more easy to buy a flat rather than a house in the city centre. Apartments are ideal for lets. Moreover, the rental market is excellent there.

  • Houses: less widespread in the city centre, houses are ideal for those who are looking for second or main homes. They may be detached or town houses and offer more tranquility than apartments. They come in general with a piece of land, courtyard and garage.

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