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Marne is one of the four departments composing the Champagne Ardenne region, the other departments being Ardennes, Aube and Haute-Marne. The prefecture of Marne is Châlons-en-Champagne. The other major towns of the department are Reims, Epernay, Sainte-Menehould and Vitry-le-François. The name of the area originates from the river of the same name.


Marne was created in 1790, like all the other French departments. Its history is deeply linked to the one of France. The department has a rich cultural and historical heritage. It suffered a lot from the two World Wars, especially WWI during which the famous bataille de la Marne took place. The French and British allies won against the German army during this battle. Marne is nowadays famous all over the world for its fine champagne sparkling wine. The Côte des Blancs boasts delicious champagnes. It is considered as the most prestigious vineyards for the production of champagne.

The department has many assets: natural areas such as a regional nature park or vineyards, breathtaking monuments such as the cathedral of Reims, a rich history which is recalled thanks to museums or commemorative monuments and a pleasant way of life. Marne is a lovely department close to Paris, but also Belgium and the north of France that holiday makers can’t help loving due to its great setting and places of interest.

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Marne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

With an average property price of €2,017 /square metre in May 2009 for a property to buy, Marne is an affordable area in terms of real estate. The average price for an apartment at the same period was €2,322 /square metre and for a house it was €1,845 /square metre. The rental market is interesting as it costs only €10.29 /square metre /month to rent a property in the department. The great majority of houses are main homes (90%), but there are still more than 6% of vacant properties which are awaiting for owners… it could be you!

Below are some figures for apartments and houses in Marne during the following period: February 2008 – March 2009:

House Prices in Marne

Bedrooms: 3 4 5 6 Average
Marne €116,100 €153,600 €181,800 €215,000 €187,200
Châlons-en-Champagne area €107,900 €135,600 €181,800 €215,000 €187,200
Epernay area €105,800 €139,100 €159,400 €179,400 €158,700
Reims area €139,000 €182,600 €211,200 €247,800 €226,400
Sainte-Menehould area no data €98,200 €117,000 no data €105,900
Vitry-le-François area €97,600 €119,900 €132,200 €147,000 €134,000

Apartment Prices in Marne

Studio Flats 2 rooms 3 rooms 4 rooms 5 rooms Average
Marne €2,230 / sq m €2,050 / sq m €1,950 / sq m €1,860 / sq m €1,930 / sq m €1,960 / sq m
Châlons-en-Champagne area €1,680 / sq m €1,690 / sq m €1,530 / sq m €1,540 / sq m €1,490 / sq m €1,550 / sq m
Epernay area no data €1,690 / sq m €1,680 / sq m €1,630 / sq m no data €1,640 / sq m
Reims area €2,380 / sq m €2,190 / sq m €2,090 / sq m €1,990 / sq m €2,090 / sq m €2,100 / sq m

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Marne

  • Champagne: as said before, the Marne department is renowned for its champagne production. Several champagne-growing areas cover the department: the montagne de Reims (Reims’ mountain), the Valley of Marne which also covers a part of the Aisne and Seine-et-Marne departments, and the Côte des blancs. The grape varieties used in these AOC vineyards are respectively pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay. The greatest champagne cellars are located in Epernay and Reims. Be it small or worldwide renowned producers, they will all be happy to share their passion with you. Champagne lovers should definitely do the route du Champagne, which goes through many villages and vineyards in the area…

  • Architectural and religious heritage: Marne has an exceptional heritage which is present especially in the Reims, Epernay and Châlons-en-Champagne. THE monument of the department which is definitely not to be missed is the cathedral of Reims. This jewel of Gothic Art of the 13th century was the place where 25 Kings of France were crowned. It is one of the most famous cathedrals in the country and it represents the French Catholicism. The Notre-Dame cathedral has impressive dimensions. Daily guided tours allow people discovering this breathtaking monument, a must when visiting the area! The cathedral of Châlons-en-Champagne and the basilica of L’Épise can unfortunately not vie with the Reims’ cathedral, but they are still wonderful pieces of religious architecture. Some castles can also be found in the Marne department such as the château de Montmort. It was a fortress during the Middle Ages and became a castle during the Renaissance period…this castle is one of the most beautiful historical monuments of the Champagne Ardenne region!

  • Nature: nature lovers can’t help loving this department where nature is generous and unspoiled. Be it the wonderful forests of Argonne, the parc national de la Montagne de Reims (national park of Reims’ mountain – 54,385ha) or the huge Lac du Der-Chantecoq, the choice is wide for those who want to relax and enjoy beautiful sceneries and quietness. The country of Brie which spreads between the Marne and Seine Valleys offers plenty of ponds where people can practise varied activities. The forêt domaniale de Verzy (wood in the town of Verzy) is a unique place in the world as people can find extraordinary beech trees: they have winding shapes and an exceptional longevity which could not be explained until now. Many legends were said about these strange trees…it is simply amazing!

  • Cultural life: with plenty of events and festivals organised all year round, the department boasts a thriving cultural life. The choice is wide so that everybody can be satisfied: music festivals, visits of gardens, castles, sport competitions, open-air concerts, etc. In summer, the Flâneries Musicales d'été (‘the summer musical sashays’) takes place in the wonderful town of Reims. During more than 2 months, people can attend free concerts of jazz, classical music, baroque or modern music in the breathtaking Notre-Dame cathedral, on a public square, in a mansion, a church, etc. Other famous events are for example the ‘international meeting of television’ in Reims (March) and the circus and theatre festival in Châlons-en-Champagne called Les Furies.

  • Museums: many museums can be found in the department: the Fine Arts Museum, Saint-Rémi Museum and Motor Museum in Reims, the musée du pays du Der in Saint-Marie du Lac Nuisement, Vineyard Museum in Verzenay (in a lighthouse), Cycle Museum in Trois Fontaines, Jules Garinet Museum and Schiller & Goether Museum in Châlons-en-Champagne and many other museums are worth visiting.

Local Property Market: 2 Popular Towns

  • Châlons-en-Champagne property: the prefecture of the department is labelled ‘town of Art and History’ and offers thus many beautiful monuments and places of interest. Châlons-en-Champagne has a good real estate market with an average price of €1,873/sq m for a property to buy in May 2009.
  • Reims property: the capital of the champagne sparkling wine, Reims also boasts a gorgeous architecture which is displayed all over the city. Do visit its cathedral, the former site of the crowning of the kings of France. If you plan to buy a property in the area, note that Reims offers excellent rental opportunities.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Marne

  • Luxury properties: be it castles, manors or villas, there are many luxury properties in the Marne department. They all come with a large piece of land and many rooms. Castles and manors usually date from the 18th century, whereas villas were often built more recently. These properties come with outbuildings and sometimes woods or a swimming-pool. Castles and manor are good investments for B&B or gites. Villas are perfect for holidays.

  • Stone properties: it can be farmhouses, barns or town houses. Many properties in Marne are constructed of stone. They are full of character and may need some renovation. They gain a greater value once restored. Located in the countryside (farmhouses, barns) or in the town centre (town houses), such dwellings have a good layout and offer good dimensions.

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