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Aube is a department belonging to the Champagne Ardenne region, in the north east of France. Its administrative centre is Troyes, a lovely medieval town famous for its shopping centres and wonderful architectural heritage. The department accounts for about 299,700 inhabitants - the Aubois - living in 433 towns and villages organised in 33 cantons and 14 communities of communes. The name of the department comes from the Aube River, which is the biggest tributary of the Seine River.


Like all the other French departments, Aube was created in 1970 during the French revolution from a part of the former province of Champagne. The department shares borders with Marne (north), Haute-Marne, Côte d’Or (south east), Yonne (south west) and Seine-et-Marne (west). Aube can be split into different geographical parts such as the Champagne crayeuse (chalk soil), the Pays d’Othe (French natural region with hills and woods) and the Champagne humide (many lakes)…

As far as the economy is concerned the department’s main activity since the 19th century was the textile industry, but it has suffered from a crisis and the industry sector is now undergoing radical transformation. Situated only 2h from Paris, Aube is a perfect tourist location thanks to the beautiful natural sites and variety of activities it offers. Apart from its huge lakes and forests, the department also attracts shopping and architecture-lovers. Aube is home to outstanding pieces of architecture such as the nice medieval town of Troyes which is listed as a ‘town of Art and History’.

Important people used to live in Aube such as Charles de Gaulle, Napoleon or Voltaire. They are honored in many places in the department. Many activities are available in the area, such as sport or leisure activities (horse-riding, hiking, climbing, playing golf, etc). Nigloland is very popular amongst children. This amusement park located 40km from Troyes offers many attractions for much fun. Let’s discover the assets of this French department, you will not be disappointed!

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Aube Immobilier & Property Market Trends

When it comes to real estate market, Aube is an affordable area. The average price for a property to buy in the department in May 2009 was €1,517 / square metre. An apartment cost about €1,556 / square metre, a house €1,490 / square metre, a villa €2,602 and a farmhouse €1,384 / square metre. In 2008, the price for a studio flat in Aube was €1,670 / square metre, a 5-room apartment costing €1,350 / square metre. As regards new built apartments, prices are of course higher: €2,480 / sq m for a 2-room apartment, €2,320 / sq m for a 3-room one and €2,170 / sq m for a 4-room one. People can find a 3-room house in Aube for €97,800 or a 5-room one for €151,500. Depending on your budget, you will easily find your dream house in this lovely department! Properties are dearer in Troyes than in towns such as Bar-sur-Aube or Nogent-sur-Seine. This is understandable given the popularity and rich heritage of the prefecture…

The rental market is really interesting in the Aube department. The average price per month for a property to rent is €8.38 / sq m. This price is very attractive in comparison with the national average: €12.22 / sq m / month. The majority of properties are detached houses (66%), apartments representing only 31%.

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6 Reasons to Buy a Property in Aube

  • Champagne: the name of the Champagne-Ardenne region is linked to the most famous sparkling wine in the world: the champagne. Always imitated never equaled, this wine makes the fame of the area! It was at the beginning a light and bright wine which became a sparkling wine only at the end of the 17th century. The first AOC was given in 1908 and covered 15,000ha of vineyards. Champagne is perfect to accompany dishes as well as deserts. The tourist route of champagne is an actual delight for champagne lovers. Numerous visits of cellars and tasting are offered during this 220km-long tour between vineyards and green hills. For your information, out of the 300 million of bottles of champagne sold in the world every year, 69 million come from the Aube department.

  • Good food: Aube boasts delicious local produce. The ‘Chaource’ (cow’s milk cheese) has been produced in the department (in the town of the same name) since the Middle Ages. It received the AOC label in 1970. The andouillette of Troyes is another local specialty. It has been existing since the 9th century and is made by the best pork butchers of the town. The Ratafia is a sweet aperitif composed of the must of grapes with wine or marc brandy.

  • Natural setting: the department is home to the parc naturel régional de la forêt d’Orient (regional nature park of the wood of Orient) which was one of the first five nature parks to open in France. It covers a surface of 70,000 hectares, 5,000ha of which are lakes! The wood of Orient is great for admiring wild animals in a natural environment. These areas (lakes, forest…) allow people to have a go at plenty of activities such as golf, fishing, hunting, water sports, hiking and so on. During migration period, hundreds of birds of many species can be seen around the lakes of Aube, it is just amazing!

  • Monuments and architecture heritage: Aube has a rich history and a fascinating culture. This can easily be seen in its outstanding heritage. No less than 100 churches of the department are listed as historical monuments. It is the French department which has the greatest number of historical monuments. Be it medieval churches or Renaissance hotels, half-timbered houses (Troyes) or castles from the 18th century, the area has much on offer. Aube is home to 9 half-timbered churches and a half-timbered chapel, they are jewels that you will not find anywhere else!

  • Culture: there are many museums in the department: from fine arts museums to unusual ones, going through museums housing famous paintings, you will for sure find a museum to visit in Aube. Amongst others: Napoleon Museum (Brienne le Château), Hugues de Payns Museum (Payns), Resistance Museum (Mussy sur Seine), Cheese Museum (Chaource), Champagne Museum (La Chapelle St Luc), Cider Museum (Eaux Puisseaux), Crystal Museum (Bayel), Renoir Museum (Essoyes), etc.

  • Shopping: Troyes is the largest shopping centre in Europe to have factory shops. These factory shops offer items between 30% and 50% less expensive than in traditional shops. A commercial tourism has developed in the area since many years. Indeed, more than 2 million people come every year in the town to buy clothes, shoes and so on at very low prices. The quality of the items added to the cheap price convince many shopping lovers to go to Troyes and thus visit the Aube department.

Property Styles and Architecture in Aube

  • Troisien houses: these houses are actually farmhouses having an half-timbered frame. They have large dimensions, many rooms and windows. The sloping roof is made of slates. These properties may have one storey and come with a courtyard behind the dwelling. Most of the time, there is a barn coming with the property which can be renovated and converted into a studio flat or a garage for example.

  • Half-timbered houses: there are many properties of this kind in Aube. Constructed of stone and cob mixed with wood, such houses are full of character and very sought-after. In Troyes they are painted in different colours such as pink, yellow or even orange! Half-timbered houses are traditional houses of a great value. Inside the house there are visible beams and walls made in stone with give all the authenticity to the property.

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Local Property Market: 2 Popular Towns

  • Bar-sur-Aube property: a nice setting, plenty of monuments and places of interests testifying the rich past of the town...The lovely medieval town of Bar-sur-Aube will definitely seduce you! As regards the property market, prices are also affordable in the town, offering thus investments of a good value.
  • Troyes property: it is definitely worth visiting the wonderful medieval town and administrative centre of the Aube department. Troyes has many assets: natural areas, outstanding architecture with numerous half-timbered houses, a thriving cultural life, good food (the famous andouillettes de Troyes!), champagne…what else?! The town offers properties at affordable prices and there are great rental opportunities.
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