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Bar-sur-Aube is the sub prefecture of the Aube department, in Champagne Ardenne. It accounts for about 5,500 inhabitants called the Baralbins. The town has a great setting as it is surrounded by champagne hills and the Aube river runs through it. It belongs to the part of Aube called Champagne crayeuse, featured by a chalky soil.


The town already existed during the antiquity as vestiges from this period were found in the area. At the 12th century, Bar-sur-Aube grew and gained importance with the fairs of Champagne where merchants from Italy and Flanders met to exchange spices from the Middle East, silk and textiles amongst others.

The majority of champagne wines come from the Marne department and the Valley of Marne. In Aube, champagne grows around the towns Le Riceys and Bar-sur-Seine. Apart from good champagne, the town has many other assets such as many sport facilities, beautiful monuments in terms of architecture and a pleasant way of life. Bar-sur-Aube is indeed a quiet town with numerous green spaces or rivers where people can relax…

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Bar sur Aube Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In terms of real estate market, the Champagne Ardenne region in general offers properties at very affordable prices. The average price for a property to buy in the Aube department is €1,703 / square metre, which is largely under the national average: €3,197 / square metre. Bar sur Aube is not an exception to the rule and also boasts a good property market. If you want to live not too far from a big town but still enjoy the atmosphere of a small medieval town, then you should invest in a property in Bar-sur-Aube. Located about one hour from the lively Troyes, the town has cheaper properties on offer than the administrative centre. On the period of March 2008 – February 2009, the average price for a house in Bar sur Aube was €109,800, whereas it was €150,700 in Troyes. A 4-room house cost approximately €105,600, which is quite accessible given the quality way of life of the town…

The great majority of the inhabitants of Bar-sur-Aube rent their property: 62%, against only 33% of owners. There are still 7% of vacant properties, so do not hesitate longer and invest in this lovely town.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bar-sur-Aube

  • Monuments: the town boasts many beautiful monuments such as the library which dates from the 16th and 17th centuries, the town hall, the place where the covered market takes place (Les Halles), the former Surmont hotel (today it is the post office) and the Marcasselles mill. The religious heritage of Bar-sur-Aube is also important with amongst others the Saint-Pierre church (12th c.), Saint-Maclou church (12th & 14th c.) and Saint-Jean chapel.

  • Events: Bar-sur-Aube is home to several events which are definitely part of the local culture. Why not attend one of the fairs held in the town? A medieval fair takes place in September, as well as a champagne fair and a cheese fair in June. A weekly covered market is organised on Saturday on the town hall square and the rue nationale.

  • Surroundings: there are plenty of things to discover in the area around Bar-sur-Aube: a Crystal Museum in Bayel, Loukine Museum in Arsonval, a memorial for the General Charles De Gaulle in Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, etc. Do not miss either the abbey of Clairvaux - a wonderful half-timbered church - the castle of Cirey-sur-Blaise, the lakes: Lac du Der, Lac d’Orient, Lac du Temple and Lac Amance as well as the wood of Clairvaux.

Property Styles and Architecture in Bar sur Aube

  • Farmhouses: it is not rare seeing large farmhouses with a half-timbered frame in the area around Bar-sur-Aube. The lower part of these properties is constructed of stone and the lower part has half-timbered features with a mix of cob and beams which create a great and characterful property! Farmhouses are very sought-after properties offering possibilities of renovation and often extension. They come with a large piece of land and sometimes outbuildings.

  • Town houses: located close to all the amenities as in the town centre, these properties have a practical layout and are sometimes split into several apartments or studio flats. They come with a garden and a garage. Town houses are most of the time attached.

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