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Fecamp belongs to the Seine Maritime department, which is in the Haute Normandie region. With 20,000 inhabitants, called the Fécampois, Fecamp is a charming art and history town which will seduce you with its authenticity. Its historical and cultural heritage is a combination between dukes’ stays, whence beautiful architectural buildings, and its harbour life, whence authentic fishermen’s villages.

Listed as beach resort since 1929, Fecamp was an attractive destination for wealthy families willing to spend holidays out of the city, in a quiet and clean air town, in an authentic fishermen’s village. Fecamp is also home of the renowned Benedictine liquor, made in the Palais Benedictine which can also be visited. The town stands out for its lovely architecture, the result of many styles and periods combination.

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Fecamp Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Fecamp real estate prices slightly vary according to the type of property. For an apartment you can count approximately €1,890 /sq m and €1,834 /sq m; with respective average areas of 62m² and 133². The buying price per square metre is there almost €400 cheaper than the department average. Besides, this town accounts for about 60 % of tenants, which lets forebode profitable buy-to-let investments.

Considering that the national average for house prices is around €3,200 /sq m, with only €1,905 /sq m Fecamp is a very affordable town. How surprising when you acknowledge the many assets the area displays. It is not because it is one of the cheapest beach resort in France that the area is not nice! In Fecamp there is nothing wrong about enjoying beautiful landscapes at a very low price!

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Fecamp

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: as Art and History town, Fecamp displays many historical monuments worth visiting. Since it was inhabited by the Normandy Dukes, you can still see some vestiges of that time, such as the Ducal Palace, and you can also follow signs in town centre, guiding you through the “Ducal town, Abbey-church town”. Hence, do not miss the Sainte Trinité Abbey, a master piece of the Gothic architecture (12th century), as long as Notre Dame de Paris. Just strolling in the town centre will make feel you as if you were back some centuries ago.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: Fecamp is situated at the edge of the Channel and is surrounded by the highest cliffs in Normandy. This beautiful sight, along with the lovely architecture will relax you and make you fell really in holidays. Let you rocked by waves noise at the beach or along the marina!

  • Architectural style: in addition to Gothic and Renaissance monuments that have already been mentioned and are really worth visiting, Fecamp originality lies on its fishermen’ authentic villages. Houses were made with local materials, and for example bricks and flints were mixed to produce beautiful draughtboard on houses facade. Along the seafront, villas have borrowed the timber framing from the normande traditional houses.

  • Location – transport links: located at only 40km north of Le Havre, and around 50km south of Dieppe, Fecamp is really easy to reach from the British Islands, by ferries docking in both harbours.

  • Wine and alcoholic drinks: Fecamp is mainly worldwide renowned for its Benedictine, the famous liquor made of 27 herbs and species. You can visit the Palais Benedictine, where the liquor is made; it is a beautiful eclectic monument where you will discover both the produce and its history. Species composing the liquor include: cardamom, nut meg, angelica, coriander, clove, cinnamon, myrrh, etc. the liquor then has to mature during 2 years in oak barrels.

Property Styles and Architecture in Fecamp

  • Maisons de Maitre avec clos masure: the clos-masure is when the farm is surrounded with a blank planted with trees. On the bank you will find beeches and oaks to protect the property from wind, while in the courtyard there are traditionally apple trees. The maison de maitre also comes with a stable, a barn and a cowshed. These properties are very big, and are perfect to be transformed in gîtes.

  • Villas: along the seafront you will be likely to find comfortable and big villas. They combine an ecletic style, mixing the new Art and the new-Normand styles. They are characterized by their big size, with large picture windows, and their half-timbered facade. Inside, the house is modern, it comes with an americam kitchen, big living room, a dining room, and many bedrooms. It is a perfect dwelling for a second-home, and an excellent investment for a buy-to-let.

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