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Leucate is a French town situated in the Aude department (in the Languedoc-Roussillon region) whose name comes from the Greek “leukos” which means white. The beautiful town of Leucate is characterised by 18km of fine-sandy beaches, a calcareous/limestone cliff plunging/diving in the turquoise waters and the Corbières Massif, where the scenery is as diversified as wild! The town stretches over five main sites/entities: Port Leucate (the most famous beach of Leucate which seems endless at first sight!), Leucate beach (the family beach), “la Franqui” (a family beach located at the foothills of the cliff), Leucate village (typical Mediterranean old village) and the naturist areas (accessible only for naturists, either residents or holidaymakers), amongst which you can discover 3 main natural protected areas.


Leucate represents the entrance door of the Natural Park of the region. The town used to be an isle, but is nowadays a peninsula in the heart of a marine environment; 18km of Mediterranean coastline, 31km of pond beaches, isles and harbour ponds/basins. The village is the traditional place for wine-growing, fishing and oyster-farming. Although the inhabitants of Leucate were originally of marine/maritime tradition, wine-growing has become a significant part of Leucate’s culture. Indeed, due to its sunny vineyards which make Leucate wines very particular, wine-growing is now one of the main resources of the town’s inhabitants. Finally, oyster-farming is the third economic activity of Leucate, after tourism and wine-growing. Many other places are worth a visit such as the plateau, the pond, the sculptures, the cave and vestiges…

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Leucate Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Almost 90% of properties in Leucate are second homes and only 10% are main homes. This reveals that the town is extremely sought-after as a holiday destination. Thus, this is the perfect location for a buy-to-let investment!

In 2009, the average price for property sales in Leucate is €2,824/m², which is quite high but it may be explained by the interest of people in such a beautiful place. Though the economic crisis does not seem to have had a major effect on Leucate, it is the perfect time for you to invest before another significant increase. However, you will easily find a bargain if you take your time. For instance, you can buy a studio flat from €50,000 or a two-room apartment from €80,000.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Leucate

Leucate is mainly popular for its neverending beaches and its tourists but this is also a marvellous town which is worth visiting!

  • Weather: as in the Aude department in general, the climate is Mediterranean in Leucate (warm in summer and mild in winter) and offers more than 300 sunny days a year! A dream weather all year long without snowfalls and frost.

  • Relaxed rhythm of life: Leucate is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a quiet but dynamic environment. Indeed, during the winter, Leucate is a very calm town but during summer, many activities, festivals and visits are organised. Leucate also developed places for everyone: natural areas, holiday resort…

  • Buy-to-let investment: Leucate is a popular town sought-after by holidaymakers. This is thus the perfect location for a buy-to-let investment as the property you may invest in would be soon profitable due to the high prices of rentals in Leucate.

Property Styles and Architecture in Leucate

  • Villa: with a typical Mediterranean architecture style, villas in Leucate are often very well-located (in front of the sea) and usually have a terrace, a swimming pool and a garden. They can be detached or semi detached houses, small or large. The offer is so broad that each person will certainly get something out of it.

  • Apartment: considering the location of apartments in Leucate (next to the sea and in the town centre close to shops), apartments are the ideal type of property if you are interested in a buy-to-let investment or for a second home. Furthermore, they are often equipped with a car park and sometimes with a common swimming-pool and a caretaker.

  • Cottage/house: a cottage is a combination of a villa and an apartment. Indeed, they have the structure of the first but the size of the second and are attached. Often located near the sea, they offer an amazing view throughout the day!

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