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A French town located in the Aude department (Languedoc-Roussillon region) and just 20km in the south from Carcassonne, Limoux is crossed by the Aude River. The town is renowned for its sparkling wine (the oldest in the world) called la “Blanquette de Limoux” and for its carnival lasting about 3 months. With its Mediterranean climate and its “ville fleurie” tag, Limoux is a town where it is pleasant either to live or spend holidays. Limoux’s railway station leads to Carcassonne and Rivesaltes from where you will be able to travel towards many destinations.


Limoux holds a thousand-year old history expressed through its walls, churches, basilica, bridges and medieval works. The Saint-Martin Church with both a Roman and Gothic style, the Augustinians’ Chapel built during the 14th century, medieval archways… a wonderful architecture style not to be missed.

Limoux seems to be an enchanting town where any dream is possible. If you are a fairy tale lover, the Automaton Museum (“Musée des Automates” in French) is worth a visit! You will discover a great collection of Perrault’s stories and Venice Carnival, a very enchanted world! If you prefer history, you will also be pleased to visit the Petiet Museum where paintings from famous painters of the 19th and 20th centuries are exposed, in particular Achille Laugé works. Finally, for music lovers, the Piano Museum is unique in France; a rare collection of the principal instruments.

Not to mention Limoux’s Carnival; it takes place each year in January and lasts about 3 months. This is the longest carnival in the world. Each week-end, groups of people come and go in the streets of Limoux on a local music and dressed with a traditional costume (usually Pierrot costumes). Limoux Carnival is one of the most famous in the world, after Venice and Rio de Janeiro Carnivals.

As regards gastronomy, we can quote the Pebradou (a cocktail biscuit), salted liver artichokes, Limoux-style duck, Limoux fricassee, the Limos (a brioche), Limoux nougat… so many specialities to taste in a so lovely place!

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Limoux Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Most houses in Limoux (as in the Aude department in general) are ancient properties; 75% of properties were built before 1974. Thus, this is the ideal location if you love ancient-style houses. As 70% of properties are large houses (4 rooms), you can either pitch for a main home or a buy-to-let investment.

In 2009, the average price for an ancient house is about €124,000, which is cheaper than in Carcassonne and Narbonne. Furthermore, Limoux is the town to live in when you want to move to the south of France but can’t make a choice between the mountain and the sea.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Limoux

Almost 90% of properties in Limoux are main homes. Indeed, Limoux represent the best compromise for people willing to live in the South and in a diversified environment.

  • Economy: Limoux developed facilities in four industrial areas which allow a better road access. Over the years, the aid of the town to develop the industrial economy allowed many firms to set up or join other markets. A dynamic local trade, a developed industrial sector and a main economic resource thanks to the Blanquette de Limoux (a sparkling wine), it is a town where economy is dynamic and healthy.

  • Associations: you can become an active community member by being part of one of the 30 associations of Limoux and contribute to activities such as theatre, literature, dancing, painting, photography… or attend the several events organized by these associations or by the town.

  • Sport: it holds a major place in Limoux’s everyday life. Almost all types of sport are represented thanks to its diversified landscapes; rugby, football, handball, judo, petanque, hiking, fencing, horse riding, swimming, canoe, kayak, white water rafting in the Aude river and so on!

  • Location: one hour from the sea and from the slopes, 100km from Toulouse and Perpignan, you won’t have to make a choice between skiing or diving in the sea, everything is possible in Limoux! This is the perfect place for nature lovers looking for a quiet property in a dream scenery.

Property Styles and Architecture in Limoux

Stone houses and villas are typical architecture styles of Languedoc-Roussillon; they are often ancient and some houses in Limoux date from the Renaissance period.

  • Village houses: usually attached the one to the others, village houses are numerous in the Aude and in particular in Limoux. They are in general well-located since in proximity of all utilities. Village houses are an interesting investment either to rent it or to live in it.

  • Villas: in general of large size and provided with numerous rooms, you will find many villas in the South of France. They reflect the southern relaxed lifestyle with sun, swimming-pool to hand, French aperitif… You can both buy it as a main home or a second home and enjoy French art de vivre in the south!

  • Stone houses: they are the most frequent architecture style in Aude and in the Languedoc-Roussillon. Stones may be exposed or not which allow buyers to compare the properties on offer and make a choice. You can find independent properties if you are looking for a quiet place to live in.

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