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Located in the south of the Aude department, Quillan is a small town of about 3,500 inhabitants surrounded with mountains. Indeed, it is right at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. It is situated at the junction of popular roads such as those leading to Foix, Perpignan, Carcassonne and Andorra (Spain).


Quillan’s Roman church, one of the most famous monuments of the town, was built during the 14th century by canons. It was then restored during the 16th century because of the damage it was prone to at the time of the religion wars. Another asset of Quillan is its castle built during the 8th century. It was matter at issues between the King of France and the Narbonne archdiocese. Quadrate castle, crenulated walls, pepper pots at any corner of the keep… Quillan’s castle is one of the rare monuments which reflect the military architecture of the 14th and 15th centuries in France. In 1659, the castle lost its military purpose and became a site whose stones were used for the Old Gate building.

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Quillan Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Over 70% of properties in Quillan are main houses and it is easier to find a detached house rather than an apartment as there are only 26% of apartments in the town. The average price for a house is about €150,000 for a 3-room property, which is attractive considering its location (next to skiing stations and you can also go to the sea).

Due to the current real estate crisis, prices in Quillan dropped significantly over the last year. In 2009, a property cost about €1,705 / sq m. Considering the national average of €3,197 / sq m, we can deduce that properties in the town are affordable. This is the right time to invest there: the French property market is slowing down.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Quillan

  • Transport links: Quillan is easily accessible from the United Kingdom. Indeed, several airlines serve the Languedoc-Roussillon region (Carcassonne airport 45km). Furthermore, a railway line connects Quillan to Carcassonne four times a day. Bus lines also connect the town with Carcassonne and Limoux.

  • Location: thanks to its location, living in Quillan allows diversified activities in each season. During summer, you can go to the seaside without bearing the crowd all day long. During winter, you have an easy access to the slopes. This is the perfect town for nature lovers who want to live in a quiet place.

  • Typical houses: as quoted previously, almost all houses in Quillan are ancient and made of stones. Either a professional or an amateur of renovation, Quillan is the ideal town for you since you can easily buy and renovate the house according to your tastes, needs…

Property Styles and Architecture in Quillan

  • Stone houses: established all over Quillan, stone houses are often ancient properties. Some of them need to be restored but prices are very low. This is an attractive investment if you want to rent your property. If you are looking for a main home, you will easily find the house which fits your needs at a low price.

  • Village houses: almost always made of stones, village houses are very widespread in the town. Thus, you can find a beautiful village house in front of the river or in the side streets where houses sometimes have painted walls (yellow, pale-green) or exposed stones.

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