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Evry is a French city located in the Essonne department and in the Paris Ile de France region. With 52,651 inhabitants, called the Evryens, the city has been designed to be the administrative centre of the department, and is today the 5th largest city of the region.


In 1950 Evry was still a small village called Evry Petit-Bourg (literally: Evry Small-Village), but with the creation of the Essonne department in 1964, the area needed an administrative centre, and this is how the new Evry was created. It was part of the project of the 5 New Cities, the other ones being: Cergy-Pontoise, Marne-la-Vallée, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and Melun-Senart. The creation of the city split over 30 years, started in 1970. Evry is the only city in France to boast a 20th century cathedral.

Evry is also well renowned for its university centre and its economic dynamism. It is also an interesting city where diversity is the keyword. Diversity is present in the whole society, in the architecture, in social classes, in culture, religion, etc.

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Evry Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in Evry in 2009 is sold €2,578/sq m. It is rather affordable if we compare with the French average (€3,200/sq m), however, it is surprisingly inexpensive when compared to the region average (€5,100/sq m). Paris region is rather prohibitive and cannot be compared with the national average.

Rentals in Evry offer great opportunities. Indeed, 60% of residents are tenants, and rental prices are fairly high (€13.8/sq m/month while the national average is around €12.20/sq m/month).

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Evry

  • University and economic centres: Université d’Evry-Val d’Essonne was created in 1991 along with 4 other ones, in order to decentralize the Parisian universities. Many subjects are taught, however the research centre is based on Genomics, sciences and technologies, society sciences. In 2005 there were over 10,000 students and 27 research laboratories. Economical activities are based around the university centre. More than 2,000 companies participate to the dynamism of the area.

  • Architectural style: as Evry was built very recently it offers an interesting town-planning inspired by Art Nouveau. It was designed by the famous French architect Paul Delouvrier, known as the Father of New cities in France. However, before the city that stands today was a small village, known as Evry Le Bourg. There are still some vestiges of this village, such as some remains of the Castle, as well as churches from the 17th century, and other buildings and monuments with a vernacular architecture, such as the wash house, the railway station, etc.

  • Cosmopolitan life: as already mentioned, Evry is a city characterized by its diversity. As in the whole Paris region, immigration is very strong and the melting pot makes the cultural identity very rich. People from over France and the world go to Evry to work and also because it is an excellent alternative to the French capital. It is located only few kilometres from it and offers affordable property prices.

  • Location – transport infrastructures: when it was built during the second half of the 20th century, Evry was already designed to be an active suburb of the Paris agglomeration. This is why today the city is very well linked to the capital city, and has good transport infrastructures. Indeed, Evry is located only 13km from the Paris Roissy, and 44km from the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The city is linked with Paris thanks to a RER (regional network trains) network, and also thanks to buses.

  • Rental opportunities: as already mentioned, Evry offers great rental opportunities. Indeed, all factors are gathered to insure a quick return on investment: high demand (60% of tenants in the city, and 10,000 students), rather low property prices, and high rental prices.

Property Styles and Architecture in Evry

Apartments: 86% of dwellings are apartments in Evry, as a result you are very likely to buy one of them. They are a perfect investment for a buy-to-let, especially for students. As the city was mainly created these last 30 years, buildings are rather new and so are apartments. The oldest ones may need a fresh paint, but in average they are in good conditions. Most of them come with a parking and an elevator.

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