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Orsay is a town of the Essonne department, in Paris Ile de France. It is located 22 kilometres in the south west of Paris. With 16,842 inhabitants, called the Orcéens the town is an important University centre, especially as regards sciences.


Origins of Orsay date back to the 10th century, however it became an important place only during the 15th century when was built a castle and when the village was dwelt by a noble family. The expansion of the town as we know it today started during the 20th century, first of all with the settlement of the train connecting Orsay to Paris, and after WWII with the settlement of the University and the sciences competition centre.

Located in the Chevreuse Valley, Orsay offers both a dynamic way of life with a lively student life, and also a quiet environment with nature and green spaces within easy reach.

A small detail: the town Orsay located in the Essonne is not the same one as the Orsay Museum located in the centre of Paris, or as the Quai d’Orsay also located in Paris agglomeration.

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Orsay Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in Orsay in 2009 is sold €3,950/sq m, which is rather expensive if compared to the department average (3,050/sq m) and with the national average (€3,200/sq m). However, if compared to the regional average (€5,100/sq m) we realize that the town is fairly affordable. Prices in Orsay are higher than the department average as the town is the closest one from Paris, where prices are prohibitive. The closest you live from Paris, the higher prices are.

Nevertheless, house prices are high, so are rental prices, which can be a good opportunity for investors. As a matter of fact, rental prices in Orsay are around €18.50/sq m/month, which is rather high when we know that the national average does not exceed €12.20/sq m/month. Opportunities are rather good as there are many students and the town is very attractive and develop fairly quickly.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Orsay

  • Tranquillity and scenery: one of the main asset of Orsay is being located only 25km from Paris and displaying a lovely natural environment with many green spaces and parks. Indeed, Orsay boasts 80 hectares of forest, parks and gardens which are being looked after in order to maintain this beautiful natural heritage. The town offers many lovely walks, such as the 2km long Leconte de Lisle walk along the Yvette River, or the 7km of cycle path, or again the 4km of rural pathways. There are also 7 small forests around the town, three parks in the town, and four lakes. Orsay is a piece of heaven only 25km away from Paris.

  • Architectural style: owing to its historical past, Orsay displays a large architectural heritage from the 10th century to nowadays. The Grande Bouveche is an interesting medieval manor which boasts two towers and which was transformed until the 18th century; the Pacaterie was a former farmhouse, nowadays dwelt by students; the Glory Temple is listed as a Historic monument since 1979, and is an Antiquity style monument; Corbeville castle, Launay castle and Grand Mesnil castle, etc. Not to mention of course the typical churches which are to be found in every towns and villages.

  • Universities: Université Paris-Sud 11 is one of the best universities in France, and amongst the world best ones. The University is split over various towns, such as Sceaux, Orsay, Antony, etc. The mathematic centre, located in Orsay in the second best one in France, and is the 49th in the world ranking. The University is over all renowned for its sciences skills, and as a result, it also attracts many companies and research laboratories which set up by the University in order to use the new trained students.

  • Location – transport infrastructures: owing to its location close by Paris, Orsay boasts an excellent transport network, composed of good road infrastructures, good train network (called the RER), and good bus network. Moreover, the Paris-Orly airport is located only 13km from the town and the Paris Charles de Gaulle at 44km, and they are both reachable by train.

Property Styles and Architecture in Orsay

  • Apartments: in the town centre you will be likely to find this kind of properties, as they are the most common and useful. They are especially a good investment for a buy-to-let, as demand from students is rather high (15,000 students in the whole University). As the town has started to expand during the 50’s, buildings are rather new, and apartments are in very good conditions. The main asset of apartments is that they are located close from all amenities.

  • Detached houses: one of the main asset of Orsay is being located in a natural environment while being situated only 22 km away from Paris. As a result you will find many detached houses, outside the town centre, but also downtown. They are rather large houses, with an average of 9 rooms, 4 bedrooms, usually one storey high, but sometimes also two storey high. They come with a small garden and a private parking or garage.

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