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The 17th arrondissement is located in the far centre of the city of Paris. Situated north west of the agglomeration, it shares borders with the 18th arrondissement in the east, the 8th and 16th in the south and the Hauts de Seine department in the north. The 17th district is also called the Batignolles Monceau, owing to two historical quarters named Les Batignolles and La Plaine Monceau.


Owing to its distance to the centre of the city, the 17th arrondissement is more of a residential area than a touristic one. There are no many museums and attractions to visit, the only place of interest being the Palais des Congres. However, the region is a very nice area to live in, where the Haussmann architecture, along with many bars, squares and green spaces make the area very pleasant. The presence of many embassies (17) is also to be noticed.

Property prices in the area are not prohibitive as they are under the Parisian average; however, obviously, the closeness to the posh 16th arrondissement and the pleasant atmosphere does not make it neither a cheap district.

The 17th arrondissement used to be a rural and it was part of the annexation in 1860 (which increased the number of departments from 12 to 20). It was mainly composed of agricultural fields and some villages. As the others 19 arrondissements, the 17th is divided into four administrative quarters, let’s have a closer look at them:

  • Quartier des Ternes: located in the south of the arrondissement, the quarter is named after the former village called Ternes. During the Middle Ages, one of the Paris’ bishop used to have a farmhouse located at this place, which was called the Villa Externa, and along the years it became “Estern” and then “Ternes”. Then the farmhouse was transformed into a castle which was the centre of the small village, before the village was integrated to Neuilly and then to Paris. Nowadays, this quarter is one of the poshest in the quarter, along with Plaine Monceau.
  • Quartier de la Place Monceaux: this is the most sough after are in the district, where, as a result, property prices are the most expensive. It is a quiet place which displays a beautiful park, called the Monceau Park.
  • Quartier des Batignolles: as the other quarters, Les Batignolles were only agricultural fields and a small village before the 19th century and the annexation to Paris. Even if it less sought after than the Ternes and the Monceau, it is a rather a cultural area where many artists used to live (Paul Verlaine, Edouard Manet, Barbara, etc.)
  • Quartier des Epinettes: located in the north of the district, it is the cheapest quarter of the area, and also the most densely populated one. The quarter includes the Cité des Fleurs, which is a picturesque village which has managed to keep its authenticity. It is appreciated for its charming architecture as well as for its numerous flowers, whence the name.
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17ème arrondissement - Batignolles Monceau Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The 17th arrondissement of Paris boasts very different kind of areas which all have a rich past: in the west, you will find bourgeois quarters of Ternes and Monceau former villages. Around Batignolles administrative quarter is sought-after amongts the young. To the north west of Clichy avenue, we can see working-class areas. Dwellings and population are thus much heterogeneous in this disctrict. As a result, property prices may differ depending on the location.

An up and coming area due to the future building site for urban construction, the 17eme is definitely worth investing. A new quarter will be constructed on former railway sites. The appearance of the arrondissement will completely change.

With similar features than that of the 16eme arrondissement, the settle in the 16th arrondissement but can't afford it or don't find any property for sale, investing in the 17eme arrondissement could be a good alternative. A property there is sold €6,190 /sq m. Prices dropped by 1.2% in the first quarter of 2009.

The following table displays property prices in the 17eme arrondissement in 2009:

Quarter Property price € /sq m Evolution in 2008
Epinettes 5,330 -2%
Batignolles 6,610 -1.2 %
Plaine Monceau 7,500 +5.2%
Ternes 7,230 +0.6 %

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Characteristics of the 17ème arrondissement - Batignolles Monceau

  • Palais des Congres: it is a concert venue and a convention centre. It belongs to the same set as the hotel skyscraper at the edge of the Boulogne forest. It was built in 1970 by the architect Guillaume Gillet, and its façade was amended in 1998 by Christian de Portzamparc. The Palais de Congres is composed of two rooms: the big amphitheatre and the Bordeaux Amphitheatre.

  • Embassies and consulates: there are 17 of them in the district: Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Spain, Guatemala, Haiti, Maurice, Liberia, Lithuania, Mozambique, Nepal, Portugal, Rwanda, Togo and Turkey.

  • Parc Monceau: is one of the most beautiful parks in Paris, many times painted by Monet. You will be surprised by its English style, very different from the other parks in the city. In the middle of greeneries do not miss the statues and some scaled-down architectural replicas (Egyptian pyramid, Dutch windmill, Chinese fort). Thanks to Haussmann, this piece of heaven has been well kept for the happiness of Parisians.

  • Places to eat and drink: the 17th arrondissement is very lively area where restaurants, pubs, cafes and bistrots are numerous. Some parts of the arrondissement are posh, some others are BoBo (Bohemian Bourgeois), however everywhere you will find nice places to go.

  • Architecture: as when it was annexed the district was mainly a rural area, everything had to be done, and as a consequence all the architecture and town-planning was designed by Haussmann. Along the avenues you can admire the beautiful mansions and buildings.

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