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Located in the Alpes Maritimes department - between Cannes and Nice - Antibes is the unique fortified town of the French Riviera. The town, which is the second one of the department in terms of population, is commonly referred to as ‘Antibes-Juan-les-Pins’. The area has a surface of 2,648 hectares and the coast stetches over 24km. The 75,860 inhabitants - called the Antibois - boast to have one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes of France. In summer, about 175,000 people live in the town and enjoy south-eastern French way of life in restaurants, nightclubs, street markets, etc.

The technological park of Sophia-Antipolis is situated in the north east of the town. Many rivers flow through Antibes: the Valmasque River (north) and Brague River (east) go through small valleys, providing a great setting.


It seems that Antibes was founded during the 4th century B.C by Greek people who gave it the name of ‘Antipolis’, meaning ‘the town on the other side of the street’. Antibes Juan-les-Pins has a rich heritage. A stroll in its streets will give you a good idea of the 3,000 years of history of this authentic town. It began to be renowned in the middle of the 19th century, as rich foreigner tourists (especially English and Russians) came here on holiday and had luxurious properties built. In the 1920’s, American jazz players and showbiz celebrities were attracted by Antibes, seduced by its good climate, charming landscapes and typical Provencal old town.

The town has a very special location: it is actually located on a peninsula over the Mediterranean. The peninsula - called le cap d’Antibes is composed of a hill covered by maritime pines. A lighthouse overlooks Antibes’ cap. Antibes Juan-les-Pins benefits from the great Mediterranean climate (mild winter and warm summer).

The town is divided in different quarters, the most important ones being ‘Antibes’, ‘Cap d’Antibes’ and ‘Juan-les-Pins’. The sea as far as eye can see, the old town, the cap of Antibes, mountainous relief as a canvass… Do not miss the wonderful views that Antibes Juan-les-Pins has on offer!

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Antibes Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The region Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur belongs to the most expensive areas of France in terms of house prices. Antibes has an average price of €3,903 / square metre, which is superior to the national average: €3,200 / sq m. As regards renting, prices for a property to rent in this town are about €16.64/sq m/month. Once again, it is higher than the national average which is of €12.22/sq m/month.

As far as apartments are concerned, the range of prices was, in December 2008, from €3,200 / sq m to €5,000 / sq m. Studio flats are most of the time more expensive than other kinds of apartments. Indeed, 2-room apartments are more expensive than 3-room ones, which are themselves more expensive than 4-room ones. This observation may be explained by the fact that the demand for small properties is much more important than for large ones. Almost 76% of all the properties of Antibes Juan-les-Pins are apartments.

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6 Reasons to Buy a Property in Antibes

Antibes Juan-les-Pins is a sunny town where life is pleasant. It is one of the last stronghold of the French Riviera. The ramparts and the ports show the rich and glorious past of the town.

  • Seaside town: with 24 kilometres of coastline containing creeks, escarpments, rocky areas as well as sandy and pebble beaches, Antibes is a real heaven for holidaymakers. Given its special location along the Mediterranean, many watersports are available in Antibes (waterskiing, diving, fishing, etc.). Five yachting harbours will delight sailors: port Vauban, port Galice, port de la Salis, port de l’Olivette, port du Crouton. The town also houses ‘Marineland’. This animal exhibition park is one of the biggest in the world and welcomes more than 1,200,000 visitors every year!

  • A rich heritage: Antibes Juan-les-Pins has a long history behind it. Many monuments recall this rich past. Amongst others: the Fort Carré (built under Henri II (16th) and extended later under Louis XIV by Vauban) and the ramparts in the old town, the Grimaldi castle (15th and 16th centuries), château Salé where Napoleon Bonaparte lived with his family, etc.

  • Culture: Antibes is not only a nice town to relax and go brown on the beach. Indeed, the town also has many cultural places. Plenty of artists have been attracted by this charming town: Picasso, Graham Greene, de Staël, Kazantzakis, Hartung, etc. Amongst others, the following museums are worth visiting: Picasso Museum (historical monument), Museum of Peynet (famous French draughtsman), Archeological Museum, Napoleon Museum and the Museum of the Tower (recounts Antibes’ history during the 20th century).

  • Musical festivals: the town is renowned for the importance it gives to music. The American jazz musician Sidney Bechet was the first one to ‘fall in love’ with this town! Thanks to him, Juan-les-Pins became the European capital of jazz. Since its creation in 1960, the annual Jazz Festival of Antibes (1st week of July) has welcomed the most famous jazz musicians: Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, etc. The orchestra of Antibes does shows all year round in the town and its surroundings. The Festival d’Art Sacré (‘Festival of Sacred Art’) lasts from January to March and attracts more and more people.

  • Location: Antibes has a great setting. First, it is situated along the wonderful Mediterranean Sea. Second, it is very close to the major towns of the Alpes Maritimes department: 23km south west of Nice (administrative centre), 15km south east of Grasse and about 10km east of Cannes. Antibes is linked to the whole Europe and many countries all over the world thanks to the international airport ‘Nice Côte d’Azur’ which is situated only 13km from the town.

  • High technology: Antibes Juan-les-Pins gave its antique name to the big technology park located in the north west of the town, in Valbonne: ‘Sophia Antipolis’. More than 1,300 companies of research and development working in the field of high technology (computing, electronics, pharmacology, biotechnology, etc.) are gathered in this technology park. Sophia Antipolis is a kind of French version of Silicon Valley in San Francisco.

Property Styles and Architecture in Antibes

  • Villas: Antibes is a rich town and has therefore plenty of villas on offer. These properties have very large dimensions, several rooms (at least 3 bedrooms in general), a private swimming-pool and sometimes even a Jacuzzi or sauna. They have a very modern layout with fitted kitchen amongst others. Villas in the French Riviera enjoy a peaceful countryside setting and are gathered in expensive residential areas.

  • Provencal houses: very similar to villas, these properties are more typical and authentic. Their walls are always whitewashed in warm colours such as yellow, ochres, orange, etc. The roof is constructed of tiles. Provencal houses also have a large garden planted with many trees, providing shadow which can be appreciated given the hot weather. Outbuildings sometimes come with the property.

  • Apartments: all kind of apartments can be found in Antibes: in a very residential and high standing residence building fitted with swimming pool and tennis yards or in an apartment complex at the outskirts of the town. A small but practical studio flat close to the seafront or a 5-room apartment on the heights of the town... Just make your choice!

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