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Saint-Tropez is a 5,600-inhabitant town located in the south west of the Var department (Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur region). It is built on Saint Tropez’ peninsula which ends the eponymous gulf. The town is leant to a small hill. Along its 12km of coasts, the commune has six beaches: Bouillabaisse, La Ponche La Fontanette, Graniers, Canebiers La Moutte and Salins beaches.

As regards transport links, Saint Tropez is accessible by car: the A8 motorway leads to Le Muy, 37km from the town and A57 motorway to Cannet-des-Maures, 57km. By train, Saint-Raphael (39km from St Tropez) railway station is served by a high-speed line and regional trains . The town’s coach station provides buses to Fréjus, Hyères, Toulon and Saint Raphael amongst others. The largest international airport is Nice, 91km. Companies operate flights to Istanbul, London, Lyon, Paris, Munich, Amsterdam and Bordeaux. National and international destinations may be reached from Toulon-Hyeres airport: London and Paris. Maritime shuttles connect Saint Tropez to Grimaud, Sainte-Maxime, Fréjus, Saint-Raphaël, Cannes and Nice.


Saint Tropez is a dream destination for many holidaymakers. It is an unmissable location for stars, sea, history and art heritage lovers. For all its glamour, Saint-Tropez actually represents an authentic village with a charming harbour, infinite charms and numerous facets. Stroll in the alleyways, the Provencal street market and visit the 16th century stronghold and Annonciade Museum. The latter houses paintings from different movements. Saint Tropez stronghold has been protecting the town since the 17th century. It has been the most important defence monument between Antibes and Toulon for many centuries.

On August 15, 1944, the allied fleet landed on close beaches and Saint Tropez was the first liberated town of Provence. During the 20th century, it was a fisher commune. In the 1950’s it became an international holiday resort renowned due to artists’ infatuation and a holiday location either for European and American jet-set. Besides, it is not rare seeing famous people playing petanque in the town centre.

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Saint Tropez Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Properties in Saint Tropez have been dedicated to well-to-do people for a long time. Indeed, the average price for a property in 2009 is €6,286/ square meter. It is twice as much as the national average (€3,197/ square meter). If your budget is high and you can afford to invest there, a good placement could be a buy-to-let, as 41.8% of residents are tenants. Like selling prices, rental prices are high and it should be fast profitable to you. Furthermore, the town being a touristy location, it also offers great rental opportunities during summer. Although prices in the area are high, Saint Tropez has much on offer: it is a dream holiday resort where you can see many stars and enjoy wonderful sceneries and an excellent weather.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Saint Tropez

  • Culture, art and historical Heritage: Saint Tropez’ Bravade is a local custom which has been taking place each year on the 16th and 17th of May since 449. As the chapel was located outside the ramparts, the locals always kept their weapons within reach. This custom is the result of a safety need: the area was not protected by militaries, that’s why the stronghold was built. The so-called Cepoun (tradition keeper patron) manages the celebration. Shotgun salvos are shot by sailors, a priest blesses the weapons - music accompanying the festival. Butterfly House displays numerous French diurnal and exotic butterflies. Around 15 chapels were built at the beginning of the 16th century and are part of the town historical heritage.

  • Gourmet food: the most renowned speciality of Saint Tropez is certainly the Tropézienne. The local slogan is ‘always imitated, never equalled’. This delicious cake is composed of a light-consistency cream between two sponge cakes, the whole covered by coarse grained sugar. Sénequier nougat is a typical sweet made with pistachio. Finally, the calin de Saint Tropez is a mix of marzipan and honey with a drop of mint.

  • Tourism - Economy: Saint Tropez is located in the most touristy department of France. Since 1950, the town has become a popular holiday resort where the jet-set and artists often spend holidays. The commune holds thus 2 luxury hostels amongst which the famous Byblos Hotel, 8 four-star hostels and 11 three-star hostels. The area is a great location for a buy-to-let investment as the touristy place offers good rental opportunities. Wine-growing has been one of the main economic resource of the town for a long time. Besides, maritime trade was linked to the wine production since wine barrels where shipped by sea.

  • Climate & cosmopolitan life: the town benefits from the southern weather i.e. dry and hot summers and mild and humid winters. It does not suffer from wind as it is protected by the Maures Massif. In summer, Saint Tropez is a very dynamic town offering many possibilities to spend great holidays: nightclubs, beaches, street markets…

Property Styles and Architecture in Saint Tropez

In the town centre, especially along the harbour, houses have tall front facades coloured in ochre, yellow or orange. These properties make partially the charm of Saint Tropez.

  • Villas: they are luxury and modern properties holding a large number of rooms. They almost always come with a swimming pool, land planted with trees, automatic gate, terrace. Villas offer an amazing view both over the countryside and the sea. Some of them also have a private beach and pillars around the terrace.

  • Bastides: they are heavy properties with a symmetrical shape. Bastides are luminous (many windows and picture windows) and luxury houses offering a great view over the sea and countryside. The front façade is almost always painted. They come with a large land, swimming pool, parking, terrace and sometimes vineyards. Inside, rooms have a large size and modern furniture.

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