Pays de la Loire Villas

Choosing a Villa in Pays de la Loire often means choosing the sea. The coastline has plenty of amazing cliffs and beaches to discover.

Even though Villas are not the most common type of accommodation in Pays de la Loire, you can definitely find some beautiful examples of them. Thanks to the location of the region, which is ideally situated between Paris area, the Atlantic Ocean and Brittany, everything is within reach. That has attracted Villa builders and you can nowadays find quite a few Villas, mainly along the coast, which offer exceptional views and landscapes to their owners.

In terms of prices, although it for the main part depends on many other factors such as exact location or type of the Villa, Pays de la Loire is not the most expensive region of France. As you will see if you try to look for it, prices are not as high as in some other southern parts of France.

A Villa can also serve as an excellent base to explore the woody, hilly and green hinterland. Villas are generally large houses and recent trends have seen villas become ever more environment friendly.

Since the climate is mild in Summer and with pleasant springs and autumns, you can really enjoy great holidays there.

Pays de la Loire villas generally boast a regional, traditional style. They are also generally tastefully decorated. Since the region has many tourism attractions and historic cities, buying a villa in Pays de la Loire will clearly be worth the investment.

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