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The Mayenne department is part of the Pays de la Loire region and accounts for 310,000 inhabitants. At the crossroads of Brittany and inland France, the department is very calm but benefits from the influence of big nearby cities such as Nantes and Rennes. The main town of Mayenne is Laval.

Mayenne is part of the Loire Valley. The economy of the area is mainly agricultural and the department can be described as unspoilt by foreigners. Charming villages dot the countryside and offer interesting property.

This department is a nature heaven and offers nature reserved with interesting species to gaze at. The land is also covered with large forests. The French department has a nice location as it is close to Brittany on the left and Paris is not far either, to the north east. The area is thus very accessible through airports, train stations and motorways. Eurostar and TGV high-speed trains transport is also on offer. In spite of all these assets, property is still affordable in many places so Mayenne is well worth discovering.

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Mayenne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France in 2009 costs €3,197 /square metre on average. In Mayenne, a property costs €1208 /square metre, with many bargains available. The explanation for this is mainly the fact that the department is little-known as it is surrounded with renowned places such as Brittany. Despite the recent influx of foreign buyers and Parisians, prices remain modest.

Rental prices in Mayenne are around €7.87 /square metre /month, which means that the rental potential is not high, however the area is renowned for offering excellent guest house business opportunities with bargain properties on offer and a growing tourism industry.

Below are some prices in 2009:

House Prices - 2009

Bedrooms: 2 3 4 5 Average
France 129,900 171,900 203,500 237,100 195,400
Pays de la Loire 118,300 149,000 183,500 214,300 171,700
Mayenne 80,700 99,900 129,900 158,400 117,800

Mayenne is considerably cheaper than its region and France as a whole when it comes to property prices. These low values allow you to buy a house in need of renovation and transform it into a high value property.

Apartment Prices - 2009

Location: Studio Flats 2 rooms 3 rooms 4 rooms 5 rooms Average
France 2,910 2,730 2,450 2,190 2,110 2,420
Pays de la Loire 2,580 2,410 2,180 1,970 1,990 2,180
Mayenne / 1,220 1,280 1,170 / 1,230

Once again, apartment prices in the Mayenne department are more than cheap. Rental opportunities are higher during summer generally speaking but in towns such as Laval also provide many students in search for apartments.

To get updated info about property prices in Mayenne, please browse our French Property Market Reports published in the News Section every month.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Mayenne

  • Historical heritage and culture: the area is a wonder for history lovers. In Mayenne you will see many castles and churches in a very preserved condition as the area has been during centuries the place of many battles, along with Touraine and Poitou. Renowned places are Lassay les Chateaux, the château du rocher or medieval villages such as Sainte Suzanne and Saint Denis d’Anjou. A gorgeous department. On the cultural side, Mayenne offers many festivals all year long such as the Festival des Nuits de la Mayenne, the Festival des 3 éléphants, the Uburlesques and so on. The locals also like horse races a lot.
  • Good food: Mayenne is a country of good food. The area offers many more or less renowned specialities such as the Port Salut cheese. This semi soft cheese is still prepared with ancient techniques, from pasteurized cow’s milk. First created locally by monks, it rapidly spread to the whole country where it was highly appreciated. Other delights are the Beurre banc sauce and many others that you will discover.
  • Tranquillity and scenery: the department offes a variety of landscapes. The region prides itself on its greenery and delightful sceneries. The area is dotted with forests and plains. They serve as backdrops for monuments such as mills and other historical buildings. Being mainly a rural department but so easily reachable explains why Mayenne is an ideal holiday destination.
  • Location – transport links: accessing Mayenne is easy. By car, the department is 280km from Paris with motorways all along. By train, the journey is 1h30 from Paris with 12 trains daily. From London, the journey takes 6hrs. By plane, you can land in Paris then reach Mayenne or land in Rennes or Angers (1hr from Mayenne) or Nantes (1h45 from Mayenne). These airports are all linked to the UK, the majority offering budget airlines.
  • Unspoilt area: the French department is still widely unspoilt and many properties can be bought at bargain prices though they are located in wonderful settings and offering good quality. Mayenne is in a way the Gascony of the north, with its gently rolling hills and interesting culture often overlooked by french buyers. An excellent place to invest.

Local Property Market: 5 Popular Towns

  • Craon property: with around 5,000 inhabitants, Craon is well situated next to Laval, Angers, Rennes and Nantes. Its beautiful castle and park attract many visitors.
  • Gorron property: formerly a stronghold, Gorron is nowadays a very nice town at the crossroads of Brittany and Normandy. The scenery around Gorron is renowned for its beauty, especially during summertime. A lovely place where you can buy property at bargain prices.
  • Lassay les Châteaux property: this town of only 2,530 inhabitants is renowned for its breathtaking castle and church. But there is more to Lassay than its castle. The town also has cultural assets such as a cider museum. The French commune is also great for sport lovers with many hiking paths and much greenery around.
  • Laval property: Laval is a French commune, part of the former Maine province. The town has ramparts and medieval buildings galore but also offers a vibrant cultural life. A town in the countryside, offering all the amenities but also a quite calm and pleasant lifestyle.
  • Mayenne property: the town of Mayenne lies on the banks of the eponymous river. In bygone years Mayenne used to be very important geographically and politically. As many places in the department, Mayenne offers gorgeous remainders of medieval times, in this case through a castle and ramparts amongst others. A town full of character for lovers of old stones.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Mayenne

Houses in Mayenne often have like an aftertaste of Brittany. Indeed, many hallmarks of Breton houses can be foundon Mayennaise properties. The area not only shares building materials with Brittany, but also a social background made of strong traditions and much influenced by a mainly agricultural economy. Other elements of the local architecture are the use of earth for the walls, painted walls and the use of tuf as well.

  • Longère houses: Mayenne’s longèrehouses are quite similar to those of Brittany. The roof is coveed with slates and the property is built lengthwise. Farm buildings are often built next to the living rooms, giving an even longer aspect to the property.
  • Stone properties: stone-built houses in Mayenne are generally medium-sized houses. Exposed stones are visible and they often have quite simple dimensions. These houses can have a canopy in front or behind the house. They also often comprise great exposed beams inside, made of precious wood.
  • Chaumière houses: these traditional properties are very sought-after for they have a strong identity and lots of charm. Hence they have a quite stable value. Local materials are used to build these properties. Water is melt with clay, stones, wood and cereals picked up around were ideal to build a cheap house. These traditional properties generally offer a very good insulation thanks to these materials.

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