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Gorron is a charming 2,900-inhabitant town 44km from Laval and 22km to the north west of Mayenne. Its location is a major asset of the commune: located near the Brittany and Normandy regions, Gorron lets you discover the variety of French landscapes, traditions, gastronomy, culture and architecture.


Several events take place all year long in Gorron, which make it a dynamic commune. The Foire Fleurie opens the festivities in spring, traditionally a fortnight before Easter. The visitors discover a street market displaying plants and shrubs. A funfair and diverse animations are also part of the setting. The Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) as well as the Été Saltimbanque (Entertainer Summer) give a foretaste of the holidays, in the end of June and July.

Furthermore Gorron is home to beautiful monuments which are worth seeing. The Château de Lévaré in the surroundings is an interesting visit where you may learn more about the local history. In the town centre, Saint-Martin church was built form 1868 to 1874. Finally, stare at the lovely Fountain, located Passage des Prés.

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Gorron Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, the average property price in the Mayenne department is about €1,200 /sq m and a property in France costs about €3,197 /sq m. In Gorron, property prices are about €1,400 /sq m. The figure is slightly above the department average but does not mean that it is not worth investing in the town. On the contrary, you can find many bargains in the area. Furthermore, considering the national property price, Gorron remains a cheap zone. This may be explained by the fact that the town and the department are rural but also because of the closeness with other famous departments like Brittany and Normandy.

Most of property owners decide to settle in Gorron (over 88% of main homes) for its rustic lifestyle, closeness to main economic areas and beautiful scenery. However, with 38% of tenants in the town and its surroundings, Gorron’s rental market also offers many possibilities of investments. Buy-to-lets should be profitable placements, especially if you decide to buy a large property (4 or 5-room house or apartment). Indeed, studio flats and small houses/apartments are rare in the town, you’d better pitch on a property holding several rooms.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Gorron

  • Economy: Gorron became a renowned location thanks to the andouille, rillette and sabot making. Around 1403, the town housed a sabot fabric and cotton factories as well as tanneries. From these industries, other factories connected to shoes resulted. The latter made the reputation of the area. In the course of the centuries, they were converted into metallurgical, wood, furniture and plastics industries. Another asset of Gorron is its low unemployment rate: 9.3% against a French average of 12.9%.

  • Activities: numerous sports activities are available (swimming, football, cycling, climbing, judo, gymnastics…). Gorron holds quality facilities: sports complex, gymnasium, swimming-pool, Leisure Park of the Colmont. Not to forget fishing and hunting, which are appreciated by the locals in the area. The town will probably satisfy most of its visitors and potential residents as it offers a large choice of activities, hobbies and sports.

  • Location: Gorron has a main asset that few French towns can be proud of. It is located near to two famous and sought-after regions: Brittany and Normandy. Settling in the town will allow you to discover these amazing regions, full of character and typical traditions. You can benefit from the country way of living but may escape in another gorgeous area of France in a wink! Moreover, since located in the north of France, Mayenne is easily and rapidly reachable from the UK.

Property Styles and Architecture in Gorron

Gorron was an exploitation centre of granite. Thus many old houses in the area were constructed of this Gorron granite.

  • Cottages: located mainly in the countryside, these detached houses offer a great view over the surroundings. They are often built of granite, a local stone used for the building of houses. The roof is made of slate tiles and is in general sloping. Some of them may need renovation, and in this case, they are likely to be of great value! Cottages come with a land and sometimes outbuildings.
  • Longère houses: they are a typical architecture style from the Brittany region. These charming properties have a rectangular shape and are built with stones. They hold a large land, garage and outbuildings, which are often stuck to the main building. Thus, longère houses are very long. The roof is, like cottages, sloping and made of slate tiles.

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