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Vendée is one of the departments composing the Pays de la Loire region and accounting for 616,707 inhabitants. The French department was initially part of the former Guyenne province and then of the Poitou province, along with the neighbouring Deux Sevres and Vienne departments – now part of Poitou Charentes.

Vendée is bordered to the north by Loire Atlantique and Maine et Loire, to the west by Deux Sevres and Charente Maritime to the south. It is bordered by the Atlantic to the east. The local culture is quite interesting and has common hallmarks with that of Deux Sevres, Maine et Loire and Brittany.

The economy of Vendée is much upheld by tourism. Indeed the department is the second most touristy one in France when it comes to numbers of visitors – which make it very welcoming for guest house businesses for instance. Rental opportunities are also quite numerous in the French department.

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Vendée Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France in 2009 costs €3,197 / m2 on average. In Vendée, a property costs €3,287 /square metre, which can be explained by the high demand, especially along the Atlantic coastline. However properties in the French department are quite easily rent and the return on investment is generally fast. Figures tend to show that property in Pays de la Loire cost €3,402 /square metre.

Average apartment prices in Vendee are as follows: studio flats cost around €3,110 /sq m, 1-bedroom apartments cost €2,910 /sq m, 2-bedroom apartments cost €2,760 /sq m and 3-bedroom apartments cost €2,000 /sq m. The department average is €2,180 /sq m.

The property market of Vendee is quite welcoming for foreigners willing to set a guest house or gite business. Commercial projects such as restaurants are also generally quite successful. It is easy to rent property in Vendee as well.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Vendée

  • Art and historical heritage: the area is honeycombed with historical gems such as the historical museum of Vendee, several abbeys like the ones in Maillezais and Nieul sur l’Autise, castles and other similar places. Other places to discover are the set of picturesque villages of Vendee, the museums and eco-museums. Most interesting places are the historical refuge of Grasla, the Grammont priory, Terre Neuve castle, Saint Mesmin’s castle, Réaumur’s manor. A very long list of places of interest which explains why so many tourists visit the area.

  • Good food: as neighbouring Poitou Charentes, Vendee is a heaven for food lovers. Street markets are numerous and will let you taste refined specialities. The Mogettes –locally grwon beans are simply great. They are generally eaten with a butter, accompanying ham, lamb or duck. A mouthwatering delight. Poultry and beef are grown to highly controlled standards and regularly receive awards. Foie gras is also on offer. Other dishes are the brioche and local custard tarts. One of the most renowned specialities is the Préfou, a piece of bread oven-cooked and then covered with garlic and butter. All these asets draw a regular clientele of connoisseurs and tourists to the area.

  • Climate and weather: the influence of the Atlantic over the French department produces a great weather. Thus many places benefit from a microcliamte, with a mild weather all year long. It rains more along the atlantic coastline. Summers are generally dry and cool, but in the south of the department which has more an Aquitaine-like climate. The good weather of southern Vendee is quite renowned and lets oyu enjoy wonderful holidays.

  • Activities: the department offers plenty of actitivies, mainly thanks to its great natural assets, wide historical heritage and culture. Access to the sea is easy in Vendee. Popular places are islands such as l’Ile d’Yeu, l’ile de Noirmoutier or towns such as Les Sables d’Olonne. The Puy du Fou is a very nice place as well to discover the history of the department. Eventually, the unmissable place is the Marais Poitevin marshland, a place of extreme calm and preserved nature.

  • Transport links: by air, land in Nantes or La Rochelle airports. Flying times with one stop: Dublin 2h30, Glasgow 2h45, Southampton 2h25, Birmingham 2h35. Direct: London Gatwick 1h10. By train, from Paris around 2h. By car: ferry to Brittany then driving, or paying/ free motorway all along from Calais: 630km, 6h30. The department is well connected so you can get to Aquitaine or Brittany in a couple of hours.

Local Property Market: 5 Popular Towns

  • Chantonnay property: “Heritage and Nature” is the motto of the commune. Hiking and other sports are popular in the area, which also offers cultural events and festivals, often linked to the local culture.
  • Fontenay Le Comte property: a town of 14,350 inhabitants, Fontenay Le Comte is typical of the southern Vendée. The town not only benefits from a sunny microclimate, but also has a number of architectural jewels which explains why it was listed as an Art and History town.
  • Luçon property: the French commune is closely linked to the Atlantic. Nicknamed ‘green town’ for its greenery, Luçon is also active culturally and offers a pleasant lifestyle.
  • La Roche sur Yon property: founded by Napoleon I, the town is at the heart of the Vendéen bocage. Famous for its beautiful monuments and town centre, La Roche sur Yon is an easy to reach and pleasant place to live.
  • Les Sables d’Olonne property: famous for its nice beaches, Les Sables d’Olonne has gorgeous landscapes on offer. The harbour is charming, as is the town centre with its narrow streets and Our-Lady-Of-Bon-Port church. Strolling in the sought-after French commune will let you discover its charm.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Vendée

  • Longères: these traditional properties are an exemple of the Breton influence on this department. These lengthwise properties are generally stone-made and full of charm. Found mainly in rural areas, their shape is rectangular and they are often south-facing. Built with the back facing the dominant wind direction, often offering single-storey accommodation but with possible works/ conversion. Roofs are covered with thatch or slates.
  • Bourrine properties: a traditional type of dwelling, the Bourrine originates from the lifestyle of the Vendéen marshland during the 17th century. Composed of one room and generally very rustic, they offer a very simple lifestyle. All pieces of furniture are preferably made of wood and other parts of the house are built usng local material. Thus, roof is made with cereal and mud.

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