4. Appointing a French Architect

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  2. Finding an Architect
  3. Architect Contracts
  4. Architect Fees

4.4. Architect Fees in France

The fees payable are freely negotiable, normally based on a percentage of works. There may also be a tariff for specific tasks, or a fee based on a daily rate.

You should expect to pay at least 3% of the building cost for plans to planning consent and a further 5% to 10% for supervision of the construction works.

This may seem a lot of money but do not be tempted by false economies – a good architect should be able to recover a fair proportion of their fees in the negotiation of the building contract and will also be able to give greater piece of mind in the execution of the works.

Broadly speaking, based on a total fee of 10% of building cost for full planning and building supervision, you might expect to pay 30% of this sum to planning consent; 35% for preparation of the works specification and tender process; 30% for supervision of works; and 5% at handover.

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