4. Managing Your French Bank Account

  1. Cash Withdrawals
  2. Direct Debits and Standing Orders
  3. Statements
  4. Bank Overdrafts
  5. Closing/Transferring Account
  6. Death of Spouse/Partner
  7. Seizure of Account

4.3. French Bank Account Statements

Your bank should provide you with a hard copy statement each month, although on-line only banks will require you go on-line to review your account.

The High Street banks are also trying to wean their customers off of hard copy statements, but you can retain the hard copy if you wish. Or simply print off from your on-line account.

You can also get a balance from an ATM.

If you want a hard copy statement more regularly then you will need to pay for the service, but there seems little reason to do so, unless you have not on-line access.

French banks lack a degree of transparency in communication of charges, so you may need to read your statements with some care.

Look out for your bank adopting the practice of netting off a charge before crediting a payment into the account and so not showing the actual charge. This is often the case with international transfers.

For example, a cheque for €1,000 paid into the account, may actually be shown net of some or all of the charges, with the credit of a lower sum.

Banks are required to provide an annual statement of charges to their customers, and your monthly bank statement must state the total charges in the month, as well as your overdraft limit. The charges include interest incurred on overdrawn accounts.

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