Types of Home Insurance in France

  1. Third Party Cover
  2. All Risks Policy
  3. Sports Insurance

3. Sports Insurance Cover

If you participate in a team or competitive sports activity you will need to take out insurance.

As a minimum, it must be third party cover, although insurance for personal injury is clearly more useful.

Some household insurance policies cover third party insurance, but some sports are excluded.

Similarly, if you have taken out assurance scolaire-extra scolaire for your child this will provide cover for most sports, but you should check exclusions.

Sports clubs are obliged to take out third party insurance for their members and some larger clubs and federations provide personal injury cover. If they do not they will often be able to recommend a suitable insurer to you for personal injury.

As a rule, a person will not be held responsible for accidental acts to a third party whilst participating in a sport but if the damage or injury is a result of breach of rules or negligence the person may be held responsible.

Where no-one is held responsible then, unless the person holds damage or personal injury cover (either personally or through a club) no compensation is payable.

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