Property Rights in France

Welcome to our comprehensive Guide to Property Rights in France, your indispensable on-line resource to rights and obligations in connection with your French property.

These rights are sometimes referred to as 'easements' in the English language, and they are known as 'servitudes' in French.

In this guide we begin with a review of the process of land registration in France through the cadastre and the determination of French properties boundaries.

We consider in some details the important issue of rights of way, including fishing and shooting rights in France.

We also consider noise nuisance problems, rights concerning trees and shrubs, as well as rights concerning the use of water.

The guide should be read in tandem with our Guide to the French Planning System.

  1. Land Registration in France
  2. Determination of Property Boundaries
  3. Boundary Walls & Fences
  4. Noise Nuisance
  5. Rights of Way
  6. Water Usage
  7. Trees, Hedges and Shrubs
  8. Openings in Buildings

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